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During the Cold War / Vietnam War Our Duty Was To Protect Our Border, To Prevent The East Germans And Russians Forces From Attacking Europe = MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!
                                       <<  Gaither Deitz  6 February 1998 >>

During our time between 1948 to 1990 the 14th & 11th Armored Cavalry had a number of important missions to carry out.  The first of these, surveillance of the East / West German Border which the 14th has maintained since 1952.  It has been said that our Cavalry Regiment occupied the most strategic sector of the Western Front as it sits in the Fulda Gap astride the age old traditional route of invasion of central Germany = The Hessian corridor aka the Fulda Gap.  Our 3rd Recon Squadron 14th ACR was commanded by Lt. Colonel James R. Anderson who joined the Squadron July 1966.  The 3/14th ACR was composed of three reconnaissance troops I, K, L, and one tank troop M, Howitzer Battery, and Headquarters troop <> Lodger (support) units were; Delta Company 54th Engineers, Det. 3, 172nd Ordnance Platoon, Bad Hersfeld MP Substation, 118 Medical Detachment,  and the 86 Dental Detachment.

"The mission of the 14th and 11th ACR was to verify an attack of the Warsaw Pact and the Soviets. War Games were played by both sides on the border.  We did recon on the border so we could alert the 7th Army of an advance across the border.  That's why we were a Recon Sqdn. Our second mission was to delay the aggressors as long as possible.  Life expectancy was 20 minutes. All larger units were located farther into Germany; this would give them time to mobilize and to get NATO units on the move.  They also had to relocate dependents.  Why would we have had a NA 14 (Nuclear Warheads) if not to slow down the progress of the aggressor.  To the men who served here in the 14th ACR Regiment during the Cold War.  Part of them will always remain in this place.  Their dedication to duty served as a testament to the world that freedom is precious.  * A unified Germany has resulted from the efforts and personal sacrifices made by the soldiers stationed here in Bad Hersfeld.  May history never forget all those who served here with the 3rd Sqdn 14th Armored CAVALRY Recon Regiment, U.S. 7th ARMY."                                                                By My Friend:  John Hathcock, US Army Special Forces, MSG. Retired, North Carolina                                                                            

The 14th Cav was constituted February 2, 1901 by War Department Order Number 14, and organized at Fort Leavenworth, March 5, 1901.  In the early part of 1945, World War 11, during the Rhine River Campaign, the 14th was awarded the Distinguished Unit Citation for participation in the timely seizure of the Ludendorf Bridge across the Rhine River at Remagen.  The Regiment moved on across Germany and halted on the banks of the Inn Rive at the Austrian border just prior to VE Day.

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                       3/14th ACR Troops:                                                         BOB CRISP (RIP)  1959 - 1963 HQ, I, K & L TROOP

   JESUS M. MARRERO 1968 - 1970, I TROOP  SCOUT AND              A Honorary Supporter of This Website

  robert 'bob' douglas 1964 - 1966 how btry                       1966 received orders for nam b btry 7/9 art

                BILL WRAY LTC Retired


       DUNCAN HODGES 1971 - 1973 K TROOP

           EDWARD CHIOLA 1964 I TROOP

                   FRED MENS 1967 HHT

    GEORGE O'SHEA 1959 - 1960 K TROOP

JAMES 'JIM' WHITEHURST 1967 - 1968 M TROOP                             A Honorary Supporter of This Website

  JOHN HATHCOCK 1965 - 1966 HOW BTRY                                  A Honorary Supporter of This Website



   PHILLIP TOLLETT  1966-1968 I & K TROOP                                              VIA HIS SON JOHN TOLLETT

           RUDY WRIGHT 1967 HHT MEDIC


  DUNCAN HODGES 14TH & 11TH 1971 - 1973

                   3/11th ACR Troops:

        JOHN T. ROWANS 1979 - 1983 HHT                                                   VIA HIS SON OLIVER ROWANS

            KEN BURKHART 1973 - 1977                                                                 VIA HIS SON ERIC

                      TRENT PAUL

    JOE WALKER 1981 - 1982 K TROOP SCOUT


     RODNEY GOFF 1987 + Active Army

    SHAWN BISHOP 1988 - 1990 HOW BTRY

Some Troops Also Served In WWII, Korea and Vietnam

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Our 3/14th & 3/11th ACR Cold War Monument Dedication in Bad Hersfeld, Germany - Hessen 

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    McPheeters Kaserne  from 1948 to 1990       WE KEPT A WATCH ON THE EAST GERMAN    BORDER AKA THE FULDA GAP 7-24-365