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                                                       JESUS MARRERO  3/14th  NEEDS YOUR HELP!  

HELP!! For the last 40 years I'm trying to know the where about or contact a good friend SRAEL PACHECO we were station at 3rd 14th ACR, I troop, 1st Platoon Scout Section from 1968 to 1970.   The last info that I have is that he was living in New York City area. Any information Please send to    Thanks ! 


                                                                            Larry Thompson 3/14th  18/04/07  

Gaither, many thanks for all your work. It was you that introduced me to the 14th site, much appreciated. I've renewed many old acquaintances. I arrived in Hersfeld in 12-1960, and left 06-1963. I was in "l" and then shipped to "HQ" Troop, where I was the driver for Capt. James Randall, probably the only black officer there. A true great guy, he always gave me money when we were going out into the field, had me stock up on food, so we didn't have to find the mess truck..! 


                                                                                Jim Small 1967 HHT Commo 3/14th

Gaither I figured it was time I finally wrote something on this. first, thanks for all you've done to keep it all going for the guys who served a lot of time in bad Hersfeld.  Jim Protteau and I arrived in BH in December of 1967, and we were both assigned to Commo platoon of headquarters troop as radio teletype operators. I was almost immediately put in place to replace Ron Johnson as the guy in the Comm center who kept the security items up to date, as well as making sure that schedules were updated and SOI's built each month. I remember sergeant Whalen, Lt Urse, later Capt Urse, Bill Davis, Ray Englert, Dave Grames, Gaither Deitz (the one and only), Ted Van Dine, John Torres, Williams, aka "The Kid", John Armstrong, Stan Logan, Kenny Sablon, Bill McNiel, Harry Haring, Ian Seaton, and "Short Round". I also remember my German friends, Fritz Sandner and Pete Mikat. A great story, not to be told by me, is the one of Armstrong and Haring going, taking their leave to Copenhagen. another is the night exercise that we "played" and Englert and I were the very last ones back to the barracks about 0300. Sarge was pissed! we couldn't help it that we both got separated from everyone and ended up falling asleep under the huge pine trees. yes, I have some happy memories of my 15 months in McPheeters barracks and around Germany. I've forgotten most of the Army's BS though.  Thanks for the memories, guys.                                                           

                                                                                    Dickie (Dick) Hall 30/04/07  3/14th  

I was in Bad Hersfeld from 1965-68, first in HQ TRP and then I reenlisted for I Trp. I was in the motor pool. Skip Sayre, Tony, Chris, Fat Jack Earl Hardeman Jr., John J Borges, Schefele, Richard Gray, Chief Kirkland, MSG Burkette and a ton of other people. I go back from time to time to visit my in-laws but it is just not the same . I stayed in the Army for almost 30 years because of the 14th cav. I loved it!   

                                                                                        Chris Hanch 5 Dec 2011 4/14th

Gator, great job on the recent postings. Personally, I want to thank you for your hard work and bringing the memories to life with your website. It was a pleasure to share some photos which had languished in boxes unseen by anyone but me over the past forty-some years.  My best to you and all the former troopers of the 14th and 11th Armored Cavs.

Hi guys!  I was HQ's Troop clerk from April 1965 - Nov 1967.   For several months I worked under John Polakowski who was the senior clerk.  We reported to 1st Sgt. Wallace W. Lindsey and then HQ Troop CO Capt. Eugene Moran.                                                      I going to rattle off some names and other memories from that time so hold on to your saddles and "Suivez Moi"  I remember HQ Troop Armorers,  Paul Katzman,  Bill Wise and Fonseca (Katzman became Sqdn Photographer).  I remember working for SFC Jackman,  he made 1st Sgt later replacing Lindsey.                                                                                                                                                    I remember Wayne Terry who was crushed and killed by his POL tanker at Graf around 1965 or 66.  I remember Gary Hoyt and his red-headed wife who were buddies with Dave McAllister and his wife, Esther.  I remember when I was told to tell Willie Geter that "I heard your sister is taking dance lessons." I remember 1st Lt. Kehoe, HQ Troop CO. and his pearl-handled .357 western-style pistol (AKA Geo. Patton). I remember Capt. Kampf, HQ Troop Co and Lt. Schandl, HQ Troop CO (he carried a swagger stick).           I remember SMAJ Saunders "The Crunch" and his handle-bar moustache.  I remember Wiley, Luis Rodreguez and Bill Black, Sqdn. Medics. I remember CWO3 McCray in personnel, also under him, Lester Wpp, Sgt. Darby, Regis Tongle and Walt Hinkley.               I remember SMAJ Richardson,  Ltc Bernstien, Sqdn Co,  Ltc Anderson who replaced him.                                                                           I remember Pvt Lapierre who disappeared one day and never returned.  I remember Earl Foster who loaned me his suit to get married.  I remember SFC Carter and his Davy Crockett weapon and crew,  Jim Kelley,  Herron,  Bataglia and I believe Metcalf.         I remember when David Scott volunteered for Vietnam because he was bored and wanted to see some action. I remember mess Sgt Freddy Lewis (the stogy-smoking pool shark of the day room).  I remember playing harmonica in HQ Troop hallway to accompany John Mcosker on his guitar.  I remember my assistant clerk,  Jerry McCaskill being referred to as "numb nuts" to his face by 1st Sgt Jackman.     I remember Braswell's 2.5 ton crashing and burning in convoy on our way to Graf. I also remember Gary strunk and Antoine,  SSGT Rocha and Remirez.  I remember Henderson,  Navaro and Cerny from the Line Troops.                                                    I remember Elka,  Erika,  Ursula and Barbara as German groupies from the EM Club.  Whew! that's all for now folks! ...


                                                                                 John McOsker  24 April 2014 - 3/14th

 I'm living in Dracut Ma which is just north of Boston.  Served with the 3rd recon from late 1964 until June of 1967.                       I was a mechanic in squadron maintenance and I knew just about all the troopers that Dick Hall mentioned. I was best buds with Richard Gray and we ran the tool room during my last year before rotating back.  CWO Kirkland was in charge and who can ever forgetSergeant Shakey Burkett.  He was one in a million.  I think I was one of the only Yankees that he liked.   Many good times in town and in many ways I grew up with the 14th. IDick Hall gave me the phone number of Earl Hardeman who I spent a lot of time with and he was a wild man for sure.  I called earl a few times and left messages bus not response.  Hall told me that he found Jesus and maybe did not want to rehash old times.  God bless him.  Sgt Joe Jackman restricted me for about two weeks for missing bed check.  After the first 10 days I asked him if I could go to the EM Club and all he said was go.  Too many stories to remember and many friends made.  If anyone knows the whereabouts of Jim Beaver or Richard Gray let me know.  Jim was the squadron welder and was like a big brother to me.  Suivez Moi brothers  

John McOsker   19/07/11  Hello Troopers, I served in squadron Main from 1965 to 1967. Dick Hall keep those emails coming. I was friends with Richard Gray, dose anyone know where he is. Also James Beaver who was a welder. I remember all the guys that Dick Hall mentioned. Also Herman Reese from NY. I ended up going out with his sister when I went to visit him in 68. I would like to hear from anyone who served in squad main. .......  Deitz keep up all the great work you are doing. It is appreciated.                                                                                                                                                                               

                                                   NOVEMBER 2015


From: Robert Wagner  Date: November 19, 2015  Subject: Looking for old freinds

Just found your site.  I'm looking for old buddies. I was acting Commo Sgt. with the 3/14 ACR  K  Troop  HQ. Platoon from July 1971 to Jan 1974. I worked under Sgt. Dozier.  I'm now living in Llindenhurst, IL.  ...... Robert Wagner

11 NOV 2015 <> SSG Charles Lopes:  I served with 14th & the 11th Cav. In 1970 I was assigned to the 3/14 ACR - I Trp. I was a Private fresh out of AIT. My MOS was 11E10.  Was there for only 6 months, then off to Vietnam. After serving in Nam  I was sent to the Armor School in Ft. Knox. <>  In late 1972 or 3 (can't remember) I was sent back to Bad Hersfeld as a Sergeant E5 and was assigned to Mike Company.  It was no longer the 14th when I arrived, it was now the 11th Cav, my MOS was 11E4H.  After almost 3 years I returned for a second time to the Armor School in Ft. Knox. During my time in Bad Hersfeld my youngest daughter was born in the Catholic Hospital downtown. I was promoted to E6 and was training NCO for MCO and Platoon Sergeant for HQ Platoon.  FYI: If you wish to contact SSG Lopes, email me via ... Gaither Deitz aka Gator  


Maybe You Know This Person or who she is looking for. The following is her email:                                                                                                 "My husband and I were stationed in Bad Hersfeld in 85 till 87 he was in L Troop worked with the tanks (drove them too). I remember a Sgt. Phelps from Phelps, NY and Sgt. Bowers had a friend in the barracks next L troop by the name of Sgt. Steve Hursh, and Sgt. Broadway in L troop. My husbands name then was Tim Bennett he was a E-4 . Been looking for Sgt. Hursh to see how he has been but no luck. I would go back in a heart beat to live there I miss the friends that I made. Sue Hults - .....


                                                                            Dr. Alfred (Al) Miller  04 Oct 2014    3/11th 

Served 2 years, 79-80 K Troop 3/11 ACR, 3rd Platoon. I was a scout but also served as a tanker many times. I am presently living near Dubai, but am often in USA and Thailand. I make it to Europe about once a year and hope to visit Bad Hersfeld again one day.     Cheers, Brother


                                                                        Polak aka Polakowski  27 Dec 2011   3/14th 1966

Hi Gaither, It took a little while to put it all together, but it worked.  Your website and your help made it possible. I am                                        therefore grateful for the work carried out. Thank you for everything. I wish you and your family a Happy New Year.                                           To my grateful friend in Bad Hersfeld, Germany, and Helmut Weiser:  It was a surprise to me when Chris Hanch called and told me                 about the web site "". I had no idea that it even existed. It was great to hear from you, it has been a long time                                 since we had a beer together at Hermann's. You have a lovely family, thanks for the pictures.     To answer your question, I left               Germany in July 1966 and was discharged from the Army when I got back to the states. I had only signed up for 3 years


                                                                         Dale Reitz   7 Dec 2011   

Hi Mr. Deitz, Thank You for the trip down memory lane. I was stationed at the McPheeters Barracks in Bad Hersfeld with Bravo Battery 2/2 ADA (IHAWK) in 1979 - 1980, was sorry to see the base closed but at least we won the Cold War. God Bless and Thank You for your service. Have a Merry Christmas Dale Reitz of Chambersburg, Pennsylvania                                                                                                                                                         

                                                                       Allan Toole   18/07/11    3/11th Dependent 

Hi! My father was stationed at Bad Hersfeld from 1973 to 1976, an MP down at the sub-post. I attended last part of 6th grade and all of 7th grade at Hersfeld. I took the bus to Fulda to attend 8th & 9th grade. Anyone out there who was in Bad Hersfeld or Fulda during the 1970s should check out the Facebook group, 'Bad Hersfeld-Fulda 1970s'. Cheers! 


                                                                                Dick Hall   14/07/11   3/14th

Hello to all BH soldiers. I served there from 1965 to 1968 I was in HQ's for 2 years and in I trp for about one year.  Guys I  remember from HQS are Earl Hardemann, John J Borges, Richard Gray, John McOsker, Roger K Scheufele, Willie Geter, Beaver, Carter, Jerry Dix, Msg Burkett, CWO Kirkland, Fat Jack Bryant, 1sg Lindsey, Lt. Schandl, I've got an article 15 with his name on it some place, from I Trp there was SSG Conant, Floodstrum, Christian, Anthony, Sayre, Buckholtzand my good buddy and life long friend Gary Cavender. We both spent much of our adult life in the army. I wish we could do it all over again. 
Anyone from that period who wishes to contact me may do so @ A special thanks to Deitz for making this web site possible. 


                                                                              Fastje Karl    01/07/11   3/14th 

Hi, Just lucked into your site, I was in I Co. 63B10 in the motor pool, arrived in B/H in Jan. 1956, left about Aug. 1957. At that time we still had half/tracks & M-41 light tanks. Then sometime in late 56 we started getting M-48s. What a time we had back then. You gave out cigs. for tips, the mark was 4.25 for one MPC, of course we were all 19 yrs old, now I'm 75 & thinking back all these years. Good luck to all.


                                                                                           Jim Apple   14/06/11 

David Farrand if you see Roger Abshire let him know that I asked about him. Do you have his email address?  Thanks,  Jim

David Farrand  14/06/11:  Jim Apple, I'll be glad to let Roger know, but I'm not going back until Oct, But I will try to get a email or telephone via my brother inlaw. Do you have a email that I can contact you? Mine is

Jim Apple  11/03/11:    Bill Murphy this is Jim Apple, contact me at ... It's been a long time since Hersfeld.. 


Mark Bowman         10/06/11 Hey guys I was in 1st Platoon K Trp 3/11 from 1980 - 1984. Good to see so many involved with these sites. 

Jeffrey Keeton        07/06/11  11th ACR I served twice with the 11th, D co. 1/11 from 1983 to 85, L trp. 3/11 1988 to 1991. 

Glen Taylor             5/05/11Thanks for the great site. I was HHT 3/11th and 20th Medical Det 1973 - 1975 , lots of great times.


                                                                               Fred Wiley   15/05/11  3/14th 

It's me again Fred Wiley L Ttp 1st Plt  3/14  1969 - 1970, my email  In reading other post I remember a Jimmy Kyzer, John Leroy.  My roommate was Roy Yocom Sp/5 other names Ellis, Sgt Neal, Sgt Smith, Sgt Vobelt, Helms,Johannsen, England, Amaro, and James Gee.        Thanks Mr. Deitz for your pictures they bring back memories.

                                                                               Jack LeRoy   14/05/11   3/14th 

Hello Fred Wiley, I remember you. I was in L TRP 3rd Sqdrn. From 1969 - 1970  at the same time as you, and was the CO's jeep driver.            I also made a lot runs to and from the Border OP's. Drop me a line at


< * >                                                             Phillip N. Albertson  10/05/11   3/11th 

Gaither, I stold three photos, the white tower, the memorial plaque, and the memorial, and I tagged them with "Photo courtesy of" If this is not sufficient let me know. Thanks again!

Phillip  Albertson - 01/04/11 - 3/11th  1976-77:  This site is so much better than the Blackhorse Association website! Thank you Gaither!

Phil roger your last ref: photos, this works for me. After stumbling upon several of our photos on the web, facebook I went back and printed or other info on most of them. This way if a viewer wants to they can get in touch with us.


                                                                             Scott Radowski   17/04/11   58th CEC  

Glad to see this site, I  was with the 58th CEC from 1989 - 1991. Iwould love to go back and visit.  It would be great  to hear from someone with our 58th Combat Engineer Company. Thanks, Scott


                                                                                  Robert Reid   09/04/11 - 3/11th  MP  

Hey troopers. I had been looking for my first unit for some time now. I was a young MP on Sub post 1991 - 1994. The Deitz, I am glad you put this on here. Lots of old memories. You actually had one of my buddies photos on your site. James Leary. Anyway, I had a lot of fun and the WORKHORSE is where I got my good experience. I know we had some fun at the "Green Goose", but at the same time, Blackhorse troopers were some of the better soldiers I came across. It was an honor to serve with the Blackhorse. We were technically not a part of the regiment, but the regiment made sure that we felt like we were. We even had some of our NCO's go on the "Spur Ride". Lots of fun. Anyway, thanks again for the site, and for being Blackhorse troopers. PS. I want some Blackhorse brew. 

One more thing. I got my Schutzenschnur while I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld. I think it was with the 470th Feldjagers. Does anyone know how I would go about getting a copy of the orders either in German or English? Please advise. Thanks again. WORKHORSE SIR! 


                                                                                   Frank Mandery - 05/04/11 -  3/14

Enjoyed you presentation on youtube. I was in L Troop Plt. Inf. from 1961 -1963. Other troopers  in L Troop were Larry Thompson,  John Walsh,  Herman Schroeder, & Ernie Hazard.  I had many good times and memories of Bad Hersfeld.


                                                                                      William Murphy  05/02/11 <

 I arrived in Bad Hersfeld Dec 1958 and was assigned to HQ Co. Maint. for 2 months then to the tank section. Had a Sgt Spiker as TC and a Sgt Kelly Thompson on the other tank as TC I left Sept 62 and got reassigned back there in 64 and was assigned to Troop. I have the 1960 year book and I will say I would do it all over again if I could. I remember a lot of friends I had but lost contact with most of them over the years. 


                                                                                                         Fred Mens  03/02/11  3/14th

Gaither, Thanks to your website I finally got a hold of one of my pals that I hung around with. We have been emailing back and forth and it's been a lot of fun. Thank you  3/14 ACR  1966 - 1968 -  Video Link Fred Mems 1968 8mm Movie 


                                                                                                        Tom Keown    01/02/11

 To Frank Kuchar >> I was in Commo from Jan 76 - July 77.  I remember you although I don't think I ever knew your first name. Wasn't Spec Schroeder the Survey party leader with Jack Dunleavy and George Krause? Indeed time does fly.                                                                        Email me if you'd like. I went back last March and have some pics I'd be happy to share. Workhorse!!! 


                                                                                                    James Molina  01/02/11 <

Fred Mens I saw your film on youtube and it was great. Your film gave me some good old memories. I was in 14 ACR 3rd Sqdn HQ Co. from 1968 to 1969. MOS 71H30. I live in Sacramento, Ca. One of the stories I live to tell about my service in the 3/14 was Christmas 1968. The Sgt Major was bent of giving us Christmas Music come hell or high water. Around Christmas he started playing Christmas Music around our HQ and where we lived. The music was driving us crazy because we were away from home and our loved ones and it made us home sick. One of the guys (if you are still out there thank you) cut the wires so we did not have to hear the music. This went on for a FTX for a few days and the wires were fixed and music was back. The Sgt Major was so pissed off he posted guards in the music wire area. We were going to get the music if we wanted it or not. Looking back these were great times in our lives. Drop me a line. 

Fred Mens and I were in the same room . We went to Spain on leave and had a ball. I always wondered what happened to Fred. I guess Fred is living in Minnesota?  Well Fred I don't want to say much about our adventures but we are lucky to have come out of it without going to jail and still alive to talk about it. We had so many good times on our trip and in the Army.  I got married had 3 kids and living the dream. I retired for about a year and went back to work three years ago at a fun job. Just to test your memory. How about the time we were in the bar/cafe by Morocco and this fight broke out with chairs flying and all kinds of stuff. It was like out of a movie do you remember that one?


                                                                                             Fred Mens Reply  31/01/11 <  3/14th

 I can't believe I'm talking to Jim Molina, it's been over 40 years! Make sure you watch my movie that Gaither put online, you probably know everyone in it. Also look at the HQ photos,you and I are having a shaving cream fight. I'll NEVER forget our Spain/Morroco trip, I still can't believe we came out of that alive! I also am retired from the Post Office for over 3 years now. Good to hear from you. 

Gary Hoyt <> I really liked your photos. You and I were in Bad Hersfeld at the same time. I'm hoping you have more to send to "thedeitz". 


                                                                                                    Phil Albertson  31/01/11 <> 

It's interesting that you mention at one time "you might be living close to another trouper and not know it" because a few years ago I got in contact with a buddy from Hersfeld that was in my section on a different internet site who lived only one mile from me! What a shocker!

<>Phil I worked with David Smithey at the Sheriff's Dept. from 1975 - 1980. It was not until 2008 we found out we had something else in common. He was stationed in Fulda with the 11th. 

<>Another time I met 14th Trooper Hickey from Wilmington, NC at SGT Eric Edmundson 4th Sqdn 14th Cav Purple Heart Ceremony. 


                                                                Phil Albertson Ref:  'Blackhorse Bier'  27/01/11 < 27/12/10 <>

I recently talked with someone who was with the Crazy Eights. He said there was a Blackhorse beer! Anyone else know about this? Is there any left?

 Yes Phil, there was a Black Horse Brew! Thanks to Shawn Bishop for the photo of the real thing Shawn! Gaither, Shawn will send you a photo...would you consider posting it? Thanks.

Thanks Phil, I first posted the photo on facebook with Shawn's OK.  I'm still waiting for a reply from Blackhorse reference my 10/26/10 request to add us to their links. 


                                                                              Miguel Rodriguez  - 22/01/11 <  3/11th

 Remember very well those good days back in 1983-86 at 3/11 ACR M Co. working at the motor pool as PLL clerk. I had a lot of                        great friends. Specially SFC Foy, LT Palmer and Lt. Wiborg back in 1985. 


                                                                                           Jim Apple   21/01/11    3/14th

I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld from 1964 to 1968. I was in the Tank Troop (M Troop)3/14 CAV. I could write many names to memories of the time. Haevey Cline, Doug Byrne,  Jim Stabley, Willie Harris, Roger Abshire, Mike Milligan, Norm Ressler, Vernon Tim, Katie on & on. I had a good tour of duty there. The web site is great keep it up, Jim Apple ..


                                                                              < * > David Farrand -  27/01/11

Jim Apple, I know Roger Abshire very well. We both married German Girls, and they lived across the street from my In laws. Roger is still there, although his wife passed year. Had a nice visit with him last year, and when we go back next year I,ll let him know I you still remember him. David Farrand (


                                                                                    Gary Cavender  - 21/01/11 < 3/14th

I was stationed in Bad hersfeld, I troop April 1965-1968. Was in the scout section 2nd Platoon with SFC Jackman as the Platoon Sgt. and SSG Rabon as the section Sgt. Mike Rhingsted, Dennis Sabart, Ronald Coffee were some I remember in the tanks and scouts. Later I was reassigned to the maintenance section as a mech. with Skip sayre, Finly Wiggins, Fred Anthony, Strech Drogger, The Duke of Armstrong, Curtis Parker and later Dick Hall was transferred from HHQ and I was transfered to Bn. Maint. with CWO3 Phillip Frisco. 

 Just to set the record straight Snack bar Stabley's real name is Emil J. Stabley. He was a SP/5 and SSG in I troop 1965 & 1966. He was later in M Troop with Willie Harris as an SFC. When I left there in Jan 1976 he was married to a German lady who lived in Cornburg just outside of Bad Hersfeld. The last I heard he retired as an 1st Sgt. I called him in when I was there in 1981 at his home in Cornburg. 


                                                                            Harvey Cline - 18/01/11 <  3/14th

I was stationed there from Nov 1964 thru Apr 1966 in M trp 3/14th. I'm looking for a friend of my sister-in law. His name is Andy Gammon. His knew James "snack bar" Stabley. If you know Andy have him email me.  If Andy Gammon reads this. Email Harvey Cline at

Hello Douglas Byrne. I was in M trp 1964 - 1966. I have snack bar Stabley, Jim Apple address if you need them. Willie Harris is still in Germany. Email at bigc59@consolidated. net. 


                                                                                     Frank Kuchar  -  7/01/11 <   3/11th

 I was stationed at Bad Hersfeld from Dec 1976 until July 1979. I was assigned to How Battery 3/11 ACR as a field artillery surveyor. My oh my how time does fly. Redleg

                                                                  James Touchstone  17/01/11  I Troop 1983-1985, fun times     


                                                                  Sebrina Knight   Lewis-Ward   - 14/01/11 <  3/11th

  WOW... This site brings back memories for me. I lived in BH as a young girl 1976-79. I had some great times there.. I remember all the snow and the fun we had. There was a little creek at the bottom of the valley and we would pour water down the hill and let it freeze over night, and the next day we would take plastic bags and slide down,i was lucky because i never hit the creek i was always able to stop.. There was a playground there and we use to play until the late hours of the day. The little Chapel was special to me because I was in the Angel Choir led by Brother Fredrick Huff. I think about him and his family and wonder where they are now. The teen club kept us busy, we did not have time to get into trouble cause there was always something to do there. One day me and some friends took a walk and we followed the creek and some how we found this tunnel, we did not know where we were all we know is we could hear cars up above.. Little did we know what we had come across. I can close my eyes and still see the long row a steps that we walked to go on base, once at the top you could look down and see the Chapel and the housing area looked so small. I hated being away from the states at that time, but as I sit and think back about that time in my life I'm thankful for the journey, It was a wonderful one. The Huff, Livingston family you will forever be in my heart... So if any of you went to BH-Elementary School in 76-79 I was there too...


                                                                   < * >  ERIC BURKHART to Sebrina 16/01/11

My family was there from 1972 to 1976, so everything you mentioned is very familiar. I am curious what grades you were in, and also wanted to mention that we have a facebook page dedicated to former students of BH Elementary. There is also an annual reunion. I couldn't make it to last years but this year it will be in Austin Tx. Let me know if I can share any info with you. Did you Ms. McGonegle or Ms. Ross or maybe Mr. Heath or Mr. Carr?


                                                                            Sebrina Knight Lewis-Ward Reply  17/01/11 <> 

Hello Erick.. It looks as if I was arriving as you were leaving.. I went to BH Elementary in grades 4th-6th. (left before completing the 6th).  Yes I do remember Mrs. McGonegle and Mr. Heath. The 3 years i spent there were some of the best years of my life. We had a lot of fun and there was always something for the kids to do. If not we made our own fun. It's good to know there are some people still out there from my era in BH.I will try to find the site on FB, may I will have some luck with finding others. Thanks a lot.. 


                                                                             Roger Williams   - 13/01/11 <  3/11th  

1st. Plt. K Trp. 3/11 ACR.Bad Hersfeld 1980-82 Looking for old friends of that time. Scouts Out.......Workhorse all the way....


                                                         < * >   JOE  WALKER  to Roger Williams 17/01/11

 I was in K Troop as a scout from 1981 - 1982. Walker is my name. A lot of people referred to me as Bama because of the Bama T shirt I wore.  I was very much into softball and was fortunate to play with K troop and we were champs both years I was there. I don't remember what platoon I was in. Fogle was in my platoon along with Daryl Lynch,  Sgt Urich,  Josea Gardea. The 2nd LT was on my PC, I was the TC but when the LT was on the vehicle which was rare, he was in charge. I cant remember his name but he was a good guy, down to earth. I'm sure we knew each other but I don't have any pictures from then other than some I took before going over to Germany. If you contact me I will send you a couple of pictures.

<> Joe thanks for the call advising you two exchanged emails. It's good to know he got my email and contacted you.  A message board is a good way to reach others.  Good luck to us all, TheDeitz Jan 18, 2010


                                                                                    Tom O'Gara  10/01/11 <>



                                                                                     JOHN  HATHCOCK  - 15/11/10 -  3/14th

My first duty station was also How Btry at BH but 1965-1966, I had a sixteen month stay there. I assumed the whole Army was like the 14th ACR. I ended up with 26 years and a MSG. I will always cherish the time there. I have retuned sevreal times, the latest in 2009 for the plaque dedication. Thanks for your service to our country. John


                                                                                    Leo White 16/11/10 - 11th ACR late 70's:

Hi this is a great site. Wanted to thank you for the pics. I was with the 11th in the late 70's. Returned for the reunion in 2000 and met a man named Bob Cummings. Noticed the picture of Bob and his wife Trudy. We have been good friends ever since. I am gonna raz him about his hair now. He doesn't have much left. Thanks again. 


                                                                                   Skip Dirk Westermanns  03 July 2009

 Hello Gaither, It was a long time ago, I had so much fun with you, your wife and Thomas!  Come back as soon as possible, you are  welcome any time at my house !  Skip ......       Reply:  Thanks Skip, all of you made this June 2009 a special reunion for us. Gaither                                                                  

                                                                                           Oliver of Hersfeld  

02/07/09 Hello Gaither, it was nice meeting you in Bad Hersfeld, last week.  My Reply:  Oliver thanks for taking the time to come to our June 2009 dedication. It was great meeting you there. Wish you could had made it to Thomas' bratwurst & bier cookout, you were missed, Gaither

                                                                                   Gaither Deitz 02/07/09 <>   

Thanks to all  The dedication for the 3rd Squadron 14/11th ACR Commemorative Stone/Brass Plaque took place at our former McPheeters Kaserne the 25 June 2009 in Bad Hersfeld. This ‘Commemorative Stone’ is now honoring the Soldiers of the 3rd Squadron for their service during the “Cold War”.  Is was great seeing Helmut Weiser (D), Skip Dirk Westermann (D), Oliver (D), Ian Garvey (UK), Thomas Schossow (D), John Hathcock, Bill Wray, Hans Duerr (USA) and other Germans and Americans at the dedication.         I will be posting some photos soon.  Thanks to all for your support and I hope to see all of you again.  *Thanks for all of your emails.  if I didn't reply to yours, please resend,

                                                   <  > John Hathcock  14th ACR How Btry 1965 - 1966   18/07/10 < > 

Thanks Gaither for the accolades, but you done the work I just made sure you never lost hope in your brilliant idea that surely became a reality last June. I am glad we all made it happen the entire group  that begged for donations, planned the dedication, designed the plaque,the whole bit. I will never understand the 14th Associations refusal to support it. I look forward to again visiting the memorial.

Deitz 17/07/10  to  John:       I will never forget the Association's words: "I don't really have any interest in such a memorial as there is already one for the regiment at   the former Downs Barracks. I can easily see your interest in pursuing the project, but it is not an Association matter. Suivez Moi, Max Whipps Secretary 14th Cav Assn" .............                                                                                                                                                       If I may add;  Sgt. Hathcock a 'Retired MSG Special Forces' it was because of his strong support I did not give up. I will never forget his full support along with the support of  Retired Col. Hans Duerr, LTC Bill Wray and Lt. Everett Tracey. Thanks again, SP/4 Deitz   1966-1968  

                                                                                           John Hathcock 14th 23/08/09  

I was with Gaither and his wife Sheila at the Border re-union this past June when the memorial was dedicated. Everyone has to understand had he not pushed this idea the memorial plaque would not have ever happened. He was met with so much resistance that I was appalled, even the 14th Armored Cav. Assoc. refused to support the effort. They finally formed a committee to help. I will give atta boys to Bill Wray, Hans Duerr, and Everett Tracey for good job.


                                                                          < * > NICK YURKIW   - 21/09/08    3/14

 I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld with I troop from 64 to 66. Was I trp clerk assigned to HHQ until mid 65. Then a Sgt in supply room in the basement of I trp bldg. until Nov 66. Nice to see some familiar names,  1Sgt. Koon, Psg Jackman, Ssg Rabon, Parker, Wiggins, Sayre, Pease, Jordan, Lt Wray, Lt Schmidt. I will post more names in near future. Great site, keep the good work. 


                                                                      < * > Stan Cherrie  CO Retired   28/11/07   3/14

 Former Troopers, Soldiers of The 3rd SQDN I commanded I Troop 3/14 Cav June 1969 - July 1970 then was the S-3 for 2 mounts before rotating. Came back to Bad Hersfeld in May of 1981 and commanded 3/11 Cav for 37 Months. Daughter was born in BH Krankenhaus 1969.  My favorite assignments.  <-> Good info thanks The Deitz


                                              < ** > ROBERT 'Bob' R. CRISP J r.-   08/11/07    3/14th   +++ A Special Trooper +++ 

 I was a member of the 3rd. Sqd. 14th Cav Regt from June 1959 until Sep 1963, serving in HQ, I, K & L troops. This was the best time in all my Army service with the best troops the Army had to offer.   <> Bob thanks for this info The Deitz


                                                                   < * >  BILL  WRAY  LTC Retired  -  28/05/07   3/14

Gaither: I hope you and your family have a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. Thanks for your hard work on the Bad Hersfeld Memorial! 


                                                                                           Harley Landis  02/11/10 <

Gaither, Thanks for all you've done for your old unit. I was with the 1st Sqdn. in Fulda from '62 - '64. I really hate that there is a rift between you and the Suivez Moi committee.  We were all part of the same outfit, with the same duties, it didn't matter what squadron we served in. I hope that you can mend fences some time in the future, and be able to share more of your experience with us, both here on your site and at the site. Take care... great job!

Thanks Harley, with the help of others the website and the monument is here for all. In reply to "rift between you and the Suivez Moi committee" it was not just me it was 'us' that the 14th Cavalry Association (the HMFIC) would not support. We did the Monument Dedication on the coat tails of a 11th ACR reunion. What is so interesting is that many of our supporters, community members are members of the 14th Cavalry Association. The record: "Please remove me from your cc list for messages regarding the proposed 3rd Squadron Memorial. I don't really have any interest in such a memorial as there is already one for the regiment at the former Downs Barracks. I can easily see your interest in pursuing the project, but it is not an Association matter." Suivez Moi, Max Whipps Secretary 14th Cav Assn ... Look at who I have as #2 on my links list via clicking on the www next to your name. Let it be known that we are grateful that the 11th ACR allowed us to be part of their reunion. At the monument dedication I guess General Crow didn't know I was present being he stated in his statement:  "Some of committee members are here with us today – would Hans Duerr, Bill Wray, and Everett Tracy raise your hands so we can identify you – I think all will agree that this is an outstanding effort beautifully done, and join me in congratulating them for their hard work and accomplishments."  Not to be vindictive I've posted General Crow's and others photos online and in my youtube slid shows. SP/4 TheDeitz. General Crow's statement @ .. FYI: I've updated my reply due to all the emails I was receiving reference same, TheDeitz


                                                                    John Hampton  10.11.09  I Troop, HHT,  3/11th   1973 - 1978

I've always found it interesting that so many people here in the United States know little or nothing about the border between East and West Germany. It seems that in their minds - or perhaps it's just their fading memories - that the Berlin Wall is the only border that once existed in Germany between East and West. Speaking of which, I also find it interesting that Obama did not have the time to go to Berlin to celebrate freedom and the fall of the Berlin Wall but did have the time to tour the Great Wall of China. Just an observation...

Deitz  to John Hampton: John I agree with you 100%. For The Record: I sent out several inventions inventing the White House, Fox New, and the Governor of North Carolina to our Cold War Dedication, no one bothered to reply (emails on file). Reference the White House, where is the change? If only I had his Blackberry number! The_ Germans news was present, danke sehr!


                                                                                      Frank Eckley 30/12/10 - 

3/14 Hq 1966 - Thanks Gaither, look forward to visiting this site on a more frequent basis. terrific job. auf wiedersein.


                                                                                  Charlie Peters   17/12/10 <  3/14th  

Hey just fond this site. I was at McPheeters barracks from 2-17-1967 thru 7-15-1968. was in Battery 6th battalion 517th art. Had a great time worked hard but played harder. I don't remember a lot of names of guys I drove the fuel delivery trucks. And yes i do remember the site. in the spring the mud was 2 ft deep in places i had to drive,Would like to hear from anyone who was there at the same time.


                                                                                 David Farrand    16/12/10 < 3/14th  

Hi to all, I was stationed in I troop from Jan 1963 to Jan 1966 (motor pool) We visit BH almost every year, maybe some of us can meet there some time. Love to read the letters and looking at the pics. brings back many good(and some not so good) memories.  


                                                                                       Bobby Mason   12/12/10 <> 

What a hoot. I cherish the time in BH, and the friends I made. It was such an honor to have served with the 11th ACR. From all my assignments. I think this was the best. Merry Christmas to all my Blackhorse Brothers. "ALLONS" Killer Troop  11-1984 - 11-1986.

                                                                                  Joe Walker   16/12/10  Trplyto Bobby Mason,                                                                                      It's very obvious to me you were in K Troop, I haven't read where anyone referred to it as Killer Troop but you reminded me of that. I left Hersfeld in September of 1982, I was a scout. my vehicle, an APC was K12, recently I received a picture from another former Cav soldier from a museum in Arizona, He was standing in from of an APC at the museum and it had on the front left as you look at it, KTRP 3/11th Cav, and on the Right side below the driver it had K12. I thought oh my goodness, Im so old my vehicle is a museum piece now...but I was shocked at the strange coincidence of seeing the very vehicle I was assigned to as a track commander. Small World in the Army as we all know.

Reference to Phil Albertsons post about OP INdia. the road was still dirt leading into India in 1982. I was only posted there once but was at Romeo 3 times and had Jeep patrol one other time. 

It sure was cold in the middle of winter riding in the back of a jeep with no sides on it Smile


                                                                                                     Somoma - 10/12/10 <

Living near Bad Hersfeld. Found your Site via Facebook. The pictures from Bad Hersfeld in the sixties are fantastic. The show a lot of memories. Thank you.

Reply/Antwort: Vielen Dank für Ihre Nachricht, ich bin froh, dass du gern die Fotos. 


                                                                                               Gary Cavender    - 05/12/10 - 3/14th

Dix contact me at I was stationed at Bad Hersfeld from April 1965 to April 1968. Was the Motor Sgr. for I Troop but got busted for fighting in the NCO club. Then I went to work for Mr. Frisco as the Job Order clerk. 


                                                                                              Sylvia Rahner  Bad Hersfeld  25/11/10  <

Hi there, Stumbled across your site via the 1966 pics of BH. Lived there from 1965 to 1967, in the orphanage across town from you. You might remember a holiday, Xmas or Thxgiving,  when your base had all of us kids over for holiday dinner and gifts. I remember it very well and have recently included that story in a blog post I wrote. You might enjoy reading it by clicking on the above WWW "What sold me on this Country" I moved here to New Mexico in 1974 and am living in Albuquerque.  So happy you put up those photos! Happy holidays to you and yours! Sylvia

                                                                                            Kelly Smith Wes Castleberry  20/11/10 <

I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld, K troop 3/11 ACR from 1976 through 1980. Some of the best years of my life. Would love to hear from anyone who was there during this time frame.  .. 


                                                                                < * >  PHIL  ALBERTSON6/11/10  -  3/11th 

Nice pictures of OP India where I spent most of my time (76-77). There was only one blue building there and no basketball court when I was there and the entry road was dirt. Great memories of Christmas 1976 here! Thanks to you who posted these pictures!


                                                                                               Don Bremer   - 15/11/10  < 3/11th

Hi all this is a great site and I remember well my time in Bad Hersfeld 22 years ago. I am still in the Army today, BH was my first duty station 1986-1988 HOW BAT

                                                                                                       Nick Bizic    - 09/11/10 <  3/11th

Mesage for Dan Gruen I kind of remember you I was there in dec 1976 and left in jun 1979. i remember Atwell I remember having about 30 days left going to the latrine and there was Atwell looking in the mirror brushing his teeth and me asking him why he reenlisted to come back to bad hersfeld now i know i sure miss those days and friends was in k troop 2nd platoon also drove a jeep on border patrol and was 1st sgt staffords driver for a year drove apc's and m551's and m60's. I'm looking for old friends from k troop and mike caruso of i troop and anyone from this time period and i seen a couple of guys who wrote here i remember d dunbar and d clarke looking for rick and linda burkhart .. email 


                                                                                                Art Courtney:  05/11/10 

                                                          Was in unit police on the gate, I was also with 317th engineers 1961 - 1962.             


                                                                                  Harley Landis   02/11/10  1/14th Fulda

Gaither, Thanks for all you've done for your old unit. I was with the 1st Sqdn. in Fulda from '62 - '64. I really hate that there is a rift between you and the Suivez Moi committee.  We were all part of the same outfit, with the same duties, it didn't matter what squadron we served in. I hope that you can mend fences some time in the future, and be able to share more of your experience with us, both here on your site and at the site. Take care... great job!

Thanks Harley:  With the help of others the website and the monument is here for all. In reply to "rift between you and the Suivez Moi committee" it was not just me it was 'us' that the 14th Cavalry Association (the HMFIC) would not support. We did the Monument Dedication on the coat tails of a 11th ACR reunion. What is so interesting is that many of our supporters, community members are members of the 14th Cavalry Association. The record: "Please remove me from your cc list for messages regarding the proposed 3rd Squadron Memorial. I don't really have any interest in such a memorial as there is already one for the regiment at the former Downs Barracks. I can easily see your interest in pursuing the project, but it is not an Association matter." Suivez Moi, Max Whipps Secretary 14th Cav Assn ... Look at who I have as #2 on my links list via clicking on the www next to your name. Let it be known that we are grateful that the 11th ACR allowed us to be part of their reunion. At the monument dedication I guess General Crow didn't know I was present being he stated in his statement: "Some of committee members are here with us today – would Hans Duerr, Bill Wray, and Everett Tracy raise your hands so we can identify you – I think all will agree that this is an outstanding effort beautifully done, and join me in congratulating them for their hard work and accomplishments." Not to be vindictive I've posted General Crow's and others photos online and in my youtube slid shows. SP/4 TheDeitz. General Crow's statement @ .. FYI: I've updated my reply due to all the emails I was receiving reference same, TheDeitz

                                                                                Thomas aka Lollo  29/10/10

Tony, the Lullusfest is every year during the week of the 16th october. The day Lullus, the founder of Bad Hersfeld, died in the year 786. The Lullusfest 2011  starts at monday, october 10th. It ended on monday the 18th 2011. Best regards to all from Bad Hersfeld...  


                                                                                     John Hathcock  8/10/10 <

Just finished Tam Ky, Very good read. Good to read real experiences. Never in that deep but I can relate to the fight. I just wondered why there was no mention of a first sergeant or company XO. No SMG either. Must have been a lack of senior NCO's. I can understand that too. .... .... 


                                                                             Phillip Albertson  25/10/10 <

A heartfelt thanks and appreciation to all those responsible for the monument at McPheeters Barracks. Thanks very much! I served with Sgt. Rays' Border Rats Radar section in 1976 and 1977. We spent lots of time at OP's Alpha, India, and Romeo attached to Lima Troop. Drop a line if ya did the time! Phil @ 


                                                                               Jim Decker  1/14th - 23/10/10 <

I was stationed with C Co. 1st Battalion 14th ACR from 1958-60 in Fulda. I can only say as I have heard from many other guys that were stationed in Fulda. "It was the best years of my life."   I have a website at about our Battalion so stop by and take a look and drop me a line.


                                                                     Timothy Brian Sullivan  - 22/10/10 <    3/11th

 What a time did a lot of growing up there. Will be going back next year during Lullus Fest. Looking for anyone in I trp 1985 - 1988 "Invaders" Cpt Bolton, SFC Sisco' Lt Molton and  The Skinny 1SGT Scout out to all my Brothers of the Workhorse Lullu in 11


                                                                       Michael Scheg    - 20/10/10 <   3/11th

Great Memories ! Lima Trooper 3/11 ACR and also HHC  3/11 CSM  Aruda/COL Crocker 1983 - 1988.  Do ya'll remember Mary's Jagerschnitzel ? How about Musik Pasadise in town ?             


                                                                      Fred Mens      11/10/10 <   3/14th

Just want to say hello to Gary Hoyt. I was in HQ Troop from 1967 to 1969. I still remember your office where you did the border certificates. You may not remember me but I do remember you.  Nice website ain't it?<>

Gary Hoyt  to  Fred Mens  12/10/10 > I remember you...and I remember a lot of the guys in your video. Even remember some of their names! Also remember going out on air strikes to take pix for S1 and I think it was with you and KD? Don't remember who else was in the crew.


                                                                     Dan LaRoche   - 01/10/10 <>   3/14th

I was in L Trp Jul 1966 to Feb 1968, volunteered for VietNam. I recall Sgt Danny Darling, great guy. SSG Plummer not so great, LOL. Jim Stagner (Roadrunner) was in Infantry squad.    We had a guy from Philadelphia, Dougherty? Dave Yoder, nicknames I recall was the Jew and Wop (not pc nowadays). I have only one or two pictures of us in EM club drinking, that  was all there seemed to be when I was there. Recall Graf being dusty and cold, froze my ****off in barracks. Good to hear from any of you. Spent 1 year in Viet Nam, lucky to not get wounded. Now have dealt with Agent Orange cancer twice but life is good and the VA has done me right!


                                                                            John Durning  06/10/10 3/14th

In  L Troop 1968 - 1969,  went to Nam late 69.  I'm from Philadelphia. Wondering if I'm the same guy you spoke about.. Thank you


                                                                          Danny Darling  13/10/10 3/14th

Hello Dan LaRoche, I left the 14th Cav. Feb. 1967 for Ft. Knox to train A.I.T. until my E.T.S. Oct. 67 then home to Maine, went to trade school to be a plumber, retired 4yrs ago at 62. I now play a lot of golf with family and friends. I hope things are going well for you. Danny Darling


                                                                                  Aaronedel  28/09/10 <>  

Thank you for all your emails and help. I have solved my problems with your help and my life is now worth living. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me and want the whole world to know how grateful I am for you. Thank you thank you thank you. 


                                                                               Gary Hoyt   27/09/10 >  3/14th

Just found this site. I was in S1 HQ from 1966 to 1969 as the squadron draftsman. I did all the border certificates and designed the order of the spur certificates. Photos here brought back a lot of memories.


                                                                             Dan Gruen  18/09/10 <>  3/11th

I served with K Troop 3/11 ACR in the Commo shop from 1979 - 1982. Drove the Killer T.O.C. I did! Sfc Chisolm, Sp4 Garza, Sp4 DePew, Sp4 A-rab Atwell, Hellooooo!  I'll attach my essay 'Riding with the Blackhorse' soon. The Last I heard Capt. Bolton was alive and well in Texas! Allons! 


                                                                                           James Hughes 13/09/10 <> 

                                                                    Greetings to How Btry personnel of 1976 - 1979


                                                                                      Mike Credit   3/11th - 13/09/10 <>

My name is Mike Credit. I served with how battery 1984 to 1986. I would love to connect with anyone who I served with. it was great duty. you gotta love graf and Wildflicken allons ... Rodney Goff I really hope you see this and remember me. i have some pics of you me moomey, bradberry and frey. 1st Sgt Gagne, you were so influental in my life you taught me so much without   ever realizing it. you are o good soldier and o good man, thanks for all the lectures, they came in handy in my later years. allons and red leg. 


                                                                                    < * >  TOM POZDOL  05/09/10 <> 3/14TH

Thanks, Gaither. All the FTXs and alerts we had while I was stationed at Bad Hersfeld did help in being better prepared for Nam. The map and compass skills were a definite asset. My book can be ordered at or at Barnes and Noble stores. Tam Ky: The Battle for Nui Yon Hill.

A Book by our Former 1967 14th ACR Trooper  05/09/10 <> I'm reading the book I just received 'Tam Ky' The battle for Nui Yon Hill by our former 14th ACR trooper Thomas Pozdol. In his book he gives credit to the skills he learned via the constant  training he received while stationed in Hersfeld due to the threat of a Soviet invasion. For him what he learned pulling border patrol on the East/West German border was used in Nam. He  goes on to compare Vietnam with Europe, for the full story check out his book at the above


                                                                                      Wayne Andrach   03/09/10 <> 

                                            Nice job it was great to see. 118th medical detachment bad hersfeld 1970 - 1972.  


                                                                                      Bill Legg  01/09/10 < 

                 1961 - 1964  Commo, Howitzer Batry Great memories. I now live in Idaho, 10 Grandkids,  God is good.  

                                                                             John Hathcock  04/09/10 to Bill

Hi, Bill Legg I was in How Btry 1965 - 1966. Did you know Beck, Ely, Handy or McDonald in the Commo section? My email 


                                                               CSM Lawrence Odenbaugh viaOdenbaugh  26/08/10 <> 3/11th

I lived with my dad at Bad Hersfeld from Nov 1974 to July 1977. Like all of us, it was the best time of my life. My dad is CSM Lawrence Odenbaugh and at that time was working with Colonel Dice. Anyone knows where Jack Dice is today? Before Colonel Dice, he was working with Colonel Pill. We have lost track of all of them.  If anyone remembers my dad, please get hold of me. He is alive and well and living near Ft. Bragg, NC. 


                                                                                                 Jerry Dix  3/14th - 25/08/10 <>

I was in HQ company 1965 - 1966 with Sgt Jackman (better say first sgt)I worked in the motor pool for Mr. Frisco as his clerk. My wife and I lived off   base in beautiful Bad Hersfeld (when it wasn't cold). Anyone there during that period I would love to hear from you. 


                                                                                           Kerstin Balestrine  8/19/10

Hello everyone! I am searching for my father SP4 John Morral, 1st Sq 14 ACR Hq troop in Fulda, Germany 1966 when I was born...I would appreciate any help to find him.


                                                                                        SGT Phillip Tollett 14thvia son Tollett

Looking for anyone that knew my dad SGT Phillip Tollett 14th ACR I & K Troop 1966 - 68. He was a tank commander? <> I think that's the right term. He set some sort of record at Graf. He was very proud of his service.  @


                                                                                               SP/4 Tony Perry 14th

                                                             1967 - 1969 MOS 16e20 Fire Control Operator, I was Spec/4 Tony Perry


                                                                                         Jim Blanchard  8/15/10


Greg Eichelberger If I remember correctly you were a loader on I-10 when I was the gunner (and a lousy gunner at that) hope all is well. Jim Blanchard =


                                                                     Michael Doerr  08/08/10 <> Heinz-Joachim Doerr

Hello Mr. Deitz, My father Heinz-Joachim Doerr was a German clerk at the Bad Hersfeld sup-post right near the Autobahn from 1954 to 1978 (died). He was in the spare parts stock at the workshop there. Maybe you remember him or know somebody who does? I would be appreciated to hear from you or others. rodgersoffice-mailout(at) ... Greetings, Michael


                                                                                     Douglas Byrne  14th & 11th - 07/08/10 <> 

Hello to all, and thanks for keeping this site alive. A friend gave my wife Christa the link today. I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld 14th ACR from 1958-1962 and again from 1964-1967.   After a tour in Vietnam with the 11th ACR from November 1968 to November 1969 I returned to the 11th ACR in Bad Hersfeld from 1972-1975. Some of my friends at the time were Stabley, Willey Harris, Jim  Apple M Troop, and Rudy Beck HQ Troop to name a few. During my last assignment I was in HQ Troop working out of a small trailer parked just inside the main gate (The Reenlistment Office). Douglas Byrne


                                                                                            Mike Reedy 14th  27/07/10 <>  3/14th

Hi I was at McPheeters Barracks from 1967-1969. We were assigned to B Battery 6th Bn 517 Arty (Hawk) We had our own site not far from the Barracks. Had a great time in Germany.  I remember the taxis outside the main gate waiting to take us to town to the guest houses. Does anyone remember Sgt Philbeck?


                                                                                                Fred Mens  26/07/10 <> 3/14th

Gaither put my 8mm movie on YouTube and if you have not watched it you should. If you were there in the late '60's like I was it's fun to watch. Hope you can comment on it also. Deitz you did a great job,  I thank him very much.  The Video Link Fred Mems 1968 8mm Movie 

                                                                                                   Tony Barnett     19/07/10 <> 

I was assigned to M Co. 3/11th ACR in June of 1980 and left May 25, 1982. I read the post by SSG Cook, aka, "SGT Rock", and remember well SFC Clark my platoon sgt and tank commander. Remember  "Top" Stabley and the "Miraculous Muthas of M Co maintenance!!! So long ago to seem like yesterday!!! Workhorse, Sir!!! 


                                                      MILITARY BRATS:  Westermann, Burkhart, Odenbaugh, Justin, Toole

Tina Odenbaugh, Dependent   14/07/10 <>I was an army brat in Bad Hersfeld from 1974 to 1977. Seventh Grade in 1974 at BH Elementary and then off to Fulda. We transferred to Ft. Campbell in summer of '77 for 2 years and then my senior year was at Ft. Meade '80. Many of you will remember my dad, Command Sargent Major Lawrence Odenbaugh. He lives in Fayetteville, NC and is doing is my mom Nancy and sister Sandy.


                                                                            Allan E Toole  Jr   3/11th Dependent  04/03/10

Great site! I was in Bad Hersfeld as a dependent from about March 1973 to June 1976. Father was an MP down at the substation. I attended last part of 6th grade and all of 7th grade at Hersfeld, then  bussed it over to Fulda for 8th and 9th grades. Sisters Colleen and Brenda. In addition to others, I knew Ron Rycek, who I see has left some posts on this site. Will share this site out on FB -  I have a number Hersfelders on my friends list. Also, there is a Bad Hersfeld Army Brats group on FB, as well. Cheers, and thanks for the great pics and great site! ...6/3/10 Thanks Allan, TheDeitz

                                                                                        Herbert Maples - 11/07/10 3/14

Hello to everyone, I served with the 14th Armd Cav headquarters. I was a jeep mechanic. I walked the streets of Hersfeld, didn't drink so I took in the town and surrounding mountain side.  June 1962 to June 1964. I remember Col Wells, Maj GROW, Captain Gallager and Sgt Kuhn. I have a bunch of memories to get me through life. Thank you 3rd Recon Sqdn 14th ACR

Something we had in common I too often walked the streets, hills of Hersfeld taking fotos.  The Deitz:


                                                                                                Frank Bunts  -  02/07/10  

                                 3/14th Thanks for the memories. 1954 - 1955 <-> Frank thanks for the 1954 photosThe Deitz:


                                                                                               Fred Mens  - 01/07/10 <>

I arrived in Bad Hersfeld in Mar of 1967 and was there until June of 1969. I lived in the same barracks where Gaither Deitz did. I never met Gaither (wish I did), but I wish I could hear from some of the other guys I was with. I drove a M577A1 that was parked by the main gate. I hope someone will sign the guestbook that knows me. I saw James Street was signed in, I remember you Jim. I love this website.

1/7/10 Deitz to Fred:  per Jack Holt (US) we kept HQ19 our Commo M577A1 at the Commo shop. I’m sure we crossed paths several times. I attribute my bad memory to a concussion I obtained in Graf  (Jack was there in the fight). I don’t know why but some of the Hq Commo guys I'm in touch don’t talk about their Hersfeld time. Great memories for me, Gaither


                                                                                        Lucien Cox   0/06/10 <>  2/3d ACR

I served with F Troop, 2nd Sqdn, 3d ACR 1965-1967. Sometime during 1966-1967 Troops of the 3d ACR were attached to the 14th ACR on a rotating basis for border duty. One duty tour I remember was at Point India overlooking East Germany and the town of Ifta.

Lucien Cox: Gaither has been gracious to post pictures of Point India from that time frame. There were no improvements at all to Point India and the base camp seemed to be in the small nearby town of Luederbach. The base camp was housed in what looked like a small 2 story hotel type building and the jeep/truck maintenance facilities were across the street on local private property in a garage or barn type structure.

I would like to hear from anyone who was there in the mid sixties or later and remembers Luederbach or Point India. I'm

Being in the Cav holds a special bond and respect no matter what Regiment we were with. We are all brothers with a special background. Thank you Gaither for letting me post comments to your site.   <>   Lucien thanks for your post & replying to my email. Gaither 1/7/10


                                                                                          Robert Clark  - 16/06/10

                                                    Served as tank crewman and jeep driver on border patrol 1964 -1965 3/14th .


                                                           John Hampton,    16/05/10 <> 3/11th 1973-1978  I Troop, HHT

I think we should consider putting elements of the 11th Armored Cavalry Regiment back on border duty - the Mexican border. They could establish border operations centers along the border  to work in conjunction with the US Border Patrol similarly to the way the 11th ACR augmented the Bundesgrenzschutz and Zoll. They could then be augmented by personnel from National Guard units from around the country which could be rotated in during their annual active duty/training periods.It could be a good way to integrate their training with a real-world mission.

Deitz  to John Hampton 16/05/10:  John it looks like we are on the same page. I posted the following on my Facebook 14 April 2010: I'm 100% for assigning some units, our troops to the US-Mexico border. This will be money well spent protecting America and helping our economy at the same time. Money spent at home not in another country. The troops will get required scout, recon training etc. on the border. The border is a great environment for testing new equipment. Plus the troops will be closer to home. We need to act soon. Something to think about, look what happen to the Native Americans after they allowed the white man to  settle on their land (without papers) 'History repeating itself’.                          

22/05/10 John Hampton, 3/11th ACR, 1973-78; Yeah, history does have a history of repeating itself, doesn't it? 


                                                                            Warren Wilmoth   - 14/05/10 <>   14/11th

Wow, love it!!! To David C. Bell - M Troop 1971-1972, I remember your name, 1SG McManus, CAPT Morgan, Emil Stabley, SSG Jordan and Spats Harris (with his blue GTX).  I arrived January 1972, went to 2nd PLT and was later the PLL clerk. When we changed from 14th to 11th I was the bugler for the ceremony. I think the official date for change was  the 17th of May but we didn't do 3rd SQDN until the 19th. I remember the date very well for a good reason. 


                                                                             Tony Nunez   - 12/05/10    



                                                                                  Diana Stumpf - Johnson  6/5/10  

                        Thanks for the pictures of Bad Hersfeld. I was born and raised in Bad Hersfeld.  Danke & liebe Gruesse,              


                                                                  Mike Kestell    - 28/4/10 <> K Troop 3/11 ACR 1989-91 ...

Great pictures! Brings back a lot of memories. I loved Bad Hersfeld, haven't been back since 1993, I need to go back.


                                                                                     Chris Dart   -  26/4/10 <>

 Great site! Bad Hersfeld was my first duty station from 1990 - 1992.  The pictures bring back a lot of very good memories. I'm in the middle of a deployment to Afghanistan, but my unit is  located in Grafenwoehr. I'm going to have to take a trip up to Bad Hersfeld when we re-deploy.


                                                                                William 'Bill' Foster   26/4/10 <> 

Big hello and thanks to all the former troopers that served in Bad Hersfeld. Dan Perkins/ ah the ol'days corpal Perkins (a big laugh). Got their a very private pvt. left a SSG. thinking back about all the good times.   How Battery 3rd Sqdn. 7/ 1968 - 9/1970 ...


                                                                              Dave Stumpp    10/4/10 <>   3/14th

 I recently posted some pics. I've already heard from Marrero. Any body else out there from I-troop drop me a line at I stay in touch regularly with Bill Harmon and Roger Stanton. Thanks again to Gaither for this website...........Stumppy  I-troop  1968-1971


                                                                                   Will Roquemore/ Rocky  9/4/10 <>

                                   3/11th  1976 -1978 <> L Troop 1st platoon. I know you Michail Ferguson and Tony.             


< * >                                                                  JESUS MARRERO 1968  9/4/10 <>  3/14th

Hey Stumpp I do remember you back in the days you Church and Gibbs, Garcia also from corpus Christie, NM. He was a mechanic. Drop a Line @ Aguadilla, Puerto Rico


                                                                           Steve Lehmann  7/4/10

  I Troop  3/11  1993  Great site. Thanks for the memories.  Bad Hersfeld was my first duty station and I was only there 8 months when they started to close it down and I was transferred to Mannheim. I was also in the last air asaault school held at the Fulda airfield. 


                                                                            Steve Smith  6/4/10   3/11TH

I was a Medic and was attached to I troop from 1983 - 1985. Looking for friends that I've lost contact with! I love this site and all the photos, Brings back alot of great memories. Looking for friends that I've not talked to since I left. Steve Smith @ 


                                                                           John Hampton,  4/4/10 <>  3/11th

Joe, I spent my first five years in the Army after basic and AIT in Bad Hersfeld with I Troop, HHT, 3/11th ACR, 1973-1978 . I loved it there. Then they sent me to Fort Polk. Oh man! I hated it there. About a month or two after arriving there, it was announced that anyone who wanted to could go to Personnel and volunteer for duty assignment in Germany. I think I must have been the first one to go over there. A little over a year later I was back in Germany, in the 7th Cav in Schweinfurt.

Deitz to John: After AIT I received orders for Germany, unlike some I was excited to be going to Germany. Speaking of ‘Stateside Duty’ I will never forget this story: A guy I worked with served with the 173rd in Nam. After his Nam tour Faircloth was rotated to Fort Bragg, NC. He hated the duty (dog and pony show) so much he volunteered to go back to Nam. His tour was cut short returning with his Purple Heart. Gary said he has no regrets.        TheDeitz 14th ACR 1966-1968


< * >                                                                            JOE  WALKER - 3/4/10 <>

I'm still looking for anyone who served in K Troop in 1981 - 1982. I have not seen very many at all up to this point. I was a scout, one of the funniest stories during this time was Reforger,  Sergeant Fogle shot his 203 grenade launcher (flare) point blank into the chest of a british soldier who "thought he was going to capture an ITV",,,WRONG. WE Are The CAV. LOL Steve Bell, I'm glad it was you instead of me that started out in the MANS army in the Cav at Hersfeld only to go to FT Polk afterwards.....for me it was Ft Polk First and then to Bad Hersfeld,

I would have never been the same had I gone to the states after Germany. Bad Hersfeld was hard work but it was a Real mission, Ft Polk was play army, make work and it was two different worlds. I don't know how guys adjusted from Germany back to state side so easily....I never had to since I only served 3 years. Joe Walker 03/04/10 16:28:50 Date


Edie Pritchett  3/3/10 > M - Mike Co 3/11th ACR 1984-86. Even though I was in the Army those 2 years were the best years of my life!!!!! 

Hans Schmieder  - 12/3/10  < Outstanding job, boy did this take me down memory lane. 3/14TH L Trp 1971-1972.    


                                                                                 Michael Bennett  -  11/3/10 <>  3/14TH

My father was stationed in Bad Hersfeld in 1966 and we joined him as a family in the summer of that year. With the base being dropped right in the middle of the community it was a great experience for  an 8-9yo. The German kids walking through our school playground to go to school everyday. The shepherd herding his sheep through the meadow as they grazed and drank from the small creek that you   had to cross to get on base. Seeing the barracks and other photos brought back such vivid memories. Thank you so much for the recreation of a wonderful time in my life. 


                                                                                     Skip Dirk Westermann  12/03/10                

Hello Michael Bennet, I remember that place very good, because I was one of those children using the way over the playground getting to school! And I miss that time too. I had a lot of American friends I played with on the playground- like playing basketball. Glad you liked Bad Hersfeld


< * >                                                  ERIC BURKHART 05/03/10  3/11th Army Brat 1973 -1978

Guys, no need to open an army brats site because there are already 2 facebook sites dedicated to the "kids" of Bad Hersfeld. You should check them out, there are some great links to pictures of the dependent community that will really bring back some memories.EB ...... Thanks Eric this is some good FYI, Gaither


                                                                                         Rick Witte    1974-1980  <>  3/11

Hi you all,  all these great memories.we were all really good looking kids,nothing changed!!!! i have seen all 150 pics on facebook and now my brain is rotating to find out all the names that i do not have on mind. it has been a long time,but i remember all faces. maybe gaither could open a new chapter called ARMY BRATS. please say hello to all your moms and dads,sisters and brothers and everybody else. who knows about this peaceful and friendly time. WORKHORSE

John Hampton to Rick Witte 05/03/10: Rick, that's understandable because DOD kids, particularly the Army brats, are the best looking AND the smartest! I ought to know because I was an Army brat and an Army lifer with  my own two Army brats. Winking

Michael A Ferguson  4/3/10  L Trp 1st Platoon 1976 -79. The best times of my life. Only I didn't know it LOL. But thinking back yes it was. 


                                                                                                Ron Rycek Jr   3/3/10                                                                 

 John Hampton I gave this web to my father so if you want go ahead and post something for him. He remembers you cause he told me. He just turned 72 and he's doing great he is retired now and he rides a 1100 V-Star when there's good weather.   I was a dependent in Bad Hersfeld around the 70's.  I hung out with Rodney Morgan. I was also on the basketball team 


                                                                                                   Ron Wed   3/3/10

 Hi again all I just want to say hi and I was crying also as I sat and typed a HELLO to Rick. That is what I like about this new technology, You can be across the world and still be right next door.      P.S. Rick give your daughter a kiss for me and tell her I said HI.  


                                                                                              John Mayfield  3/3/10

Bad Hersfeld is the town where my father met my mother in 1957. My father was stationed there as an MP. I still have German family living there. I lived in Bad Hersfeld in 1966 while my dad was in Vietnam and again in 1972/73 when he was on a tour in Korea. I still go there approx. every 2-3 years to visit family. It still seems wierd and sad not seeing U.S. soldiers in that town. My dad retired as an CWO4 in 1976 and I will be retiring this year as a LTC. I can say that Bad Hersfeld has changed very little over these years and if you former 11th ACR members do go to visit you will feel like that you just left. Quick story; while attending a course at Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo I met a German family that had a restaurant and they emigrated from Bad Hersfeld. They lived in the Hohe Luft section of the town, close to the Kaserne. Small World.


                                                                                      John Hampton  02/03/10

Hi you all from Hamburg, Germany, just yesterday,  I had first contact after more than 30 years with my old friend RONALD RYCEK Erie, Pa. and also TINA ODENBAUGH, Ca. and from texas, REGINA BRINCEFIELD, THANX TO FACEBOOK. my 5 year old daughter asked me....daddy, why are you crying does anybody know EDDY BRYANT asta luego amigos, WORKHORSE

If anybody that would like to see the city of Hamburg, Germany is welcome anytime. i will take you around. my wifes mail @ phone: 0049.173.4808820

ps. I heard that the brincefield family lives in houston or arlington. from germany it is not so easy to find out any phone numbers or e-mail 1st sgt rudi beck lives in cripple creek, colorado. but where are his children jean, randy and ruby ?


                                                                                          Eric Burkhart  2/3/10

Hi Ronnie least thats how I remember you. If you look at the pictures you will see your sister Brenda when she was a cheerleader, and I think you might be in some yourself.  You probably remember    my brother and sister Randy and Corinne Burkhart. Also, I think Rick Witte has mentioned your family a couple times in the guest book. Please join my facebook group for kids who went to Bad Hersfeld Elementary . Eric @ ..

.Ron Rycek  2/03/10: Eric I  remember your brother & sister. Were are those pics you are talking about? @ 

27/02/10 Message: Eric burkhart > Hi left out one of the Beck children. Jerry. As for the Brincefield kids, one of them will be contacting you soon via email. Cheers! 

FYI via Eric: For anyone out there who had dependents during their BH tour, or for those who you might know, please take a look at my Bad Hersfeld Elementary Facebook Group.  I'm pleasantly surprised at  the response so far, and I am looking for more photos, members, memories and old friends!

                                                                               Jon Colcord -- L Trp 3/11 1987-1989  1/3/10 <>

 Hi Ron Perisho formerly of L Troop 3/11 pointed out this site to everyone on my L Troop Facebook page... I figured I'd return the favor and point everyone to our little page. Even if you weren't in L Troop, come on by and say hello. Lots of old photos over there too- mostly from the '80s: 

 John Hampton    2/3/10 <> HHT, 3/11th  1973-1978

Hi Ron. I knew your dad. He was my Platoon Sergeant in first platoon of I Troop for awhile. Everyone in the platoon really liked him a lot. Afterwards, he went to work at S3.  Your dad helped me find a job in S3  after I had been injured in a training accident in Grafenwoehr, so I worked with him there in S3 too.

01/03/10 <> Hey Eric, that...and your comments about Mrs. Jubleau...reminded me of another person from back then I've never forgotten and with whom I was secretly in love  Mrs. Elaine Walker. She was the wife of CPT Walker, who was at one time one of the Troop Commanders, I believe (which is also why I thought it best to keep my crush a secret until now). She was a teacher who worked at the Education Center, but I'm not sure if she was also a teacher with the dependents school system. 

  24/2/10 <>  Hey Greg, everybody remembers "Snack Bar" Stables. LOL! I remember SFC Vischer and SSG Schumacher, and SGT Taylor, too. Schumacher was a friend of mine. Seems I remember the First Sergeant being 1SG Rojas around the time you were there in '77-78 and the Troop Commander was CPT Jubleau. I was wondering if you knew Jim Braden. He was originally from Kansas and was injured in an automobile accident sometime after '77 or '78.


                                                                                  Eric Burkhart 24/02/10

Hey, I was just 10 yrs old, Me and my siblings, we remember Stables! My father SSgt Ken Burkhart used to have a lot of fun with that guy.


                                                                                      Steve Bell    21/2/10   3/11

Great pictures, I was 3/11th K troop our troop was in the HQ building with the clock on top. Ltc Rios was Squadron commander...I pcs'd in February 1993 and rumors were going around the McPheeters was closing...heard it all the time in Hersfeld downtown from the Germans. Funny...Ltc Rios gave a Squadron speech in the gym one day that the 11th ACR wasn't going anywhere nor McPheeters Barracks...LOL...low and behold I was stationed at Ft. Polk and heard about it! Damn! Lots of great times there! check this out as well pics from McPheeters Barracks when I was there and some spur ride pics! 


                                                                                     Gregory Eichelberger   2/2/10 <>

Man thanks again for the walk down memory lane. I saw a couple of familiar face in some of the photos from 77-80 period. gonna dig thru old photos to see what I have. 

Hey Hamton I was assigned to I troop Sfc Visher was my platoon Sgt. Was 1sg Legaspi(?) Ssg Shmacher was section leader. sgt Taylor was mortar sgt. Did first border tour days after getting there.  Had a couple of drunk nites at some of those spots. LLLLLMAO


                                                                                  David C. Bell - 3/14th  19/2/10

 I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld in 1971-1972. I was in M Troop, 3rd Squadron, 14th Armored Cavalry. When I first arrived I was assigned to drive the commanding officers jeep.  I was later assigned as a TAMS Clerk at the Motor Pool and finally for most of my time I was the Troop Clerk. My rank was SP5. At that time Joseph B. Morgan was the commanding officer. I would really like to hear from anyone else who served in M Troop at that time. Ronald W. Hoover are you out there somewhere. 


                                                                         Richard C. Garcia - Fulda  17/2/10

 I was stationed in Fulda from 1958/1060 with the 501st Armored Medical Company as an ambulance driver. I have returned twice in 1998 and 2005. Both time I was able to spend some time with Marvin Rash, retired and was living there after his discharge. H e sadly pass away but his wife still lives there and I have communicate with her. I think that those two years that I spent there changed my life forever. I learned    in the short time more then I could have learned from books. I am the only member of my family that has travel so far, seen so much and met so many wonderful people. Fifty years later with the help of a locater I was able to find more then 75 former members of my company and over the last four years we have had three reunions. I thank God that I have lived long enough to see them again. It breaks my heart every time that one passageway. God Bless all of my friends and those that served in the 14th and her attached companies, 501st, 58th Engineers, 87th Army Band, 15th Ordnance and those that I no longer remember.

BY THE WAY! I am still looking for a few more of the guys that were in the 501st so if anyone know some of them please have them contact me by email. Still looking for Carmine Materazzo, Wayne Mathis,  Jerry Zyvonoski, Luis Torres, Jerry Hale, Paul Austin and more. Thanks for your help and this is one great memory site. 


                                                                                  Mark Kulkowitz  8/2/10 <> 

143d Sig Bn. 3rd Armored Division Kirch Gons, Germany 1976 - 1978, Great memories. Used to visit Phillipstahl and area around border. 


                                                                                 Eric Burkhart  8/2/10 <>

 Hi Rick. I was BH from 1973 to 1978,  I was born in 1965 so I'm a few years younger. But I knew every person that you mentioned. I knew the Rycek family and also the Milligans (Susan was my first girlfriend!). Of course the Becks, and the Odenbaughs, and the Odenbaughs best friends the Thompsons (Chaplain et al). I also knew the Solanos very well. Marianne was in my class and Benny was my brother's best friend. I have a question for you. Do you remember the Brincefields? Ken Brincefield ran the AYA from 1977 to 78, and his oldest, LeaAnn, was friends with Tina Odenbaugh. Hopefully I have  brought back some nice memories for you. All my memories of that period of my life are simply magic, and I spent time trying to find people who knew my parents, Sgt. Ken Burkhart and wife Eliane. Cheers! 


                                                                              Rendell Whitehead    01/02/10  

                                                  I loved Bad Hersfeld and I miss it. Thanks for the site. Excellent job.


                                                                                   James Daniels  30/01/10

Howitzer Battery 1982-1985  I had the best time of my life, some called me college boy, others called me dirty red out of Ohio


                                                                           Joesph R Secour    3/14th  10/1/10 <>

Still l@@king for guys that was in Bad Hersfeld back in 1956 and 1957 I guess there are to old to run a computer. I was in TK CO 3rd BN 14 AC Capt. Fisher was the CO and I was the small arms repairman and in supply. Like to hear from old timers. My e-mail address is 


                                                                              John Byers  9/1/10

                          I Trp 3rd Platoon tankers drove I-31. Like to hear from the guys that were there at that time.            


                                                                           Mark Waterston   06/01/10

Hi guys I was there 1978-81 3/11 HHT Commo, lived on the first floor across from Tops office, hope to hear from more troopers


                                                                               Jerry England  3/14th  31/12/09

 I was a dependent and stationed with my Step-Father a Sgt. Homer Baxley, 1954 to 1957, we went to Hersfeld American School when t was across from the Ole Kur-Hotel in an ole Doctor's office until the new one was built behind the Housing area...along time ago, some of the people we knew were a Sgt.Hickenbottom (think that's how ya spell it)...Sgt.McKoy....Sgt. Gene Elston in Medics....Sgt. Elliott...Lt. Alves my dad's C.O. Sgt. Williams.. Maj. Pettie...that's been some 50 years ago. I'm retired Law Enforcement from the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office here in Fayetteville, NC. The photo's you have provided have brought back some great memories and Thanx for that...Sorry didn't mean to ramble on, anyway a great site...Jerry England Fayetteville, NC ====!                              

Thanks Jerry Deitz,  former CSI Detective New Hanover County Sheriff's Dept. Retired 33 years with the County - Wilmington, NC. 


                                                                                        Don Sevigny  28/12/09

This is a great sight that brings back a lot of good memories. I was in BH from 8/67-8/69 as a SP-4 mechanic in HQ CO. sqd. maintenance. My son was born in Frankfort Army Hospital and I lived off post with my wife and son in a house owned by the man who ran the PX Ed Parker. If anyone knows Ed I would like to get his address please email me a


                                                                                   Tom Montoya  25/12/09

 Was stationed in Bad Hersfeld from 82-86, if anyone knows Jacqueline Weppler or her family, tell them I said hello.


                                                                                           James Street  23/12/09

 That was a wonderful Christmas video on youtube. I was there from 67 to 68 and my room was either the 3rd or 2nd floor corner facing flag pole and PX. Thanks James, we were in the HQ building at the same time. 66-68


Frank Mullis  23/12/09:  Tank Co. 3rd Bn. 14th ACR from July 1956 - Jan. 1958. Not many of us left around.


                                                                                                     Michael  16/12/09

 Thanks to all of you who served in Germany. thanks for defending europe against russia. Greetings from Graf aka Grafenwoehr which, thank god, is still a huge us army base today. Michael ..........     From all of us 'Thanks' The Deitz 16 Dec 2009


                                                 Christopher Conn .. 08/12/09    Re: SSG Rodercik Conn    

SSG Fry. I was wondering if you knew my father SSG Rodercik Conn. He was in the 58th engineers from 85-89. If you remember him could you let me know. He passed away July 24.... If you remember him you could call 508-274-3932 I would greatly appreciate it.

Christopher, I just emailed SSG Fry about your post. Let me know if you hear from him. the Deitz, 12.7.09


Just in case someone is interested. Our friend Thomas 'Lollo' in Hersfeld send me the above web link. Click on the above www. After visiting the web site I email Harald Hüfner. Not only did Herr Hüfner reply quickly in English, he also sent some photos and will be sending more of our former 14th/11th ACR Airstrip. I have posted one of his photos on our web page under new photos. Skip and I tried real hard, short of climbing over the fence in 2009 to get a photo of the hanger etc. The gate was locked and no view of same to speak of.  It’s great we will soon have photos of then and now. Herr Hüfner stated he was very glad that I contacted him. The internet is a great tool !  


                                              Trenton Paul  03/12/09    Hello thanks gaither for the wonderful site, 


                                                                    SP/4 Detlef E. Hale (aka Doug)   01/12/09

Hi. I was stationed at McPheeters Barracks from 1964 to 1967 with B Battery 6th Missile Bn 517th Arty (Hawk)4th floor of the barracks just south of the main gate. We had our site on a hill just south of the autobahn.We started out being part of 7th Army but then changed to Army Air Defence Command in 1966.I had lots of great times in Bad Hersfeld-Mainly in the"Hole in the wall" guest house and a few others. I must admit the FTXs were quite stressful..hehe but good times nevertheless. 


                                                 Ken Pugh  3/14th 01/12/09  "M" Troop in 1965~66 for me the good old days.             


                                                                                     George Sellers   23/11/09 <>

 I stumbled across this site looking for a friend of mine from long ago.  I was with K Troop 3/11th 1975 to 1977. Think about Pete's bratwurst stand often.             

                                                                             Courtney Richardson      20/11/09 <> 

Stationed in Hersfeld,  M Co twice 1982 - 1985 / 1987 - 1989 I was and E-4 when I left the first time and a E-6 the last time. Anyone out there in Mco than. I still wear the workhorse belt to this day. ALLONS!!!!! SFC retired People I remember: SFC Joe Hill, Pvt Scott E Sorg


                                                   Michael Scheg  18/11/09  L Trp  3/11 ACR  3d  Platoon 1983 - 1988


                                                                                                 Kalle  18/11/09

Servus Deitz, am 13.11.2009 war ich in Bad Hersfeld und habe Fotos gemacht am Denkmal bei der ehemaligen Kaserne. Dort traf ich Tomas Schossow.   Ich soll Dich grüßen von ihm! Du bekommst alle Bilder und Filme in Kürze. Beste Grüße sendet nDir Karl-Keinz (Kalle - donaubiker). 

                                                                                        John Hampton    09/11/09

 I served with I Troop and Headquarters Troop between 1973 and 1978. I really enjoyed perusing this site. I saw the names of of a few cavalry troopers whom I remember. The five years I spent there were the most memorable years of my life and the luckiest, I might add, because it was there I met my wife. We have been together for 32 years. I still have my old black beret hanging on my hat rack. I go back to Bad Hersfeld every two or three years when I visit family in Germany. My wife is originally from Bebra. I was the dumbass who was crushed between two Sheridans at Grafenwoehr in September 1976. The Manhattan Club in Lispenhausen (between Bebra and Rotenburg) was one of my favorite weekend places. Flirting with the frauleins at the Gruene Meer in Ronshausen and the Rose Garden in Bebra was also lots of fun. I retired from the Army in 1994 and I now live in the Ozark Mountains of northwestern Arkansas. I last visited Bad Hersfeld and Bebra in September '08 and plan to travel there again next fall. 

I would love to hear from anyone who might remember me. Even if you don't, send me an email anyway.   -----  I really enjoyed perusing this site' thanks thedeitz


                                                                                   Gary Cavender   3/14th   10/11/09

  John Hampton, Yes I definitely remember Snack bar Stabley (Emil Stabley) is his real name. he was originally assigned to I Troop as a SP5 in 1967 during my first assignment there. He was later an E-6, E-7 and I am pretty sure he made E-8, some of this was in I troop and in M Trp., when I was assigned there as second time as the Maint. Sergeant with M Troop July 1973 to mid 1974 when I was transferred to How Battery. I was appointed to Warrant Officer in November 1975 and was reassigned to Frankfurt in January 1976. My e-mail is


    < * >                                                                           ERIC BURKHART  3/11th   09/11/09

I visit this site at least once a week to look at pictures, old and new, and see if anyone has signed the guestbook who might remember my family. Kinda frustrating....with the exception of G. Cavender, I can't seem to locate persons who were stationed in BH during the years 1973 to 1977. I will keep checking...sooner or later someone will pop up! 


                                                                                    Scott MacMillan  3/11th   08/11/09

 K trp 3/11 -980-1982 the Unit Armorer with SP4 Nay. This site brings back great times in my 24yrs Army career. 


                                                                                      Kalle of Bad Hersfeld   04/11/09

Dem Hersfelder GI "Deitz" sage ich einen Dank für seine hervorragenden Arbeiten mit Bildern und Videos über unsere gemeinsame Geburtsstadt Bad Hersfeld. Gruß nach Wilmington North Carolina an der Ostküster der USA von Kalle - donaubiker. 

4 Oct 2009 Gruß Kalle alias Donau Biker, vielen Dank für Ihren post. Ich gab den Link für Ihre Website (great, viel Spaß Fotos) Hoffe, Sie verstehen meinen Computer Übersetzung von Englisch auf Deutsch, Gaither PS: Check-out Kalle's GREAT photo by clicking on the above www next to his name (body painting  


                                                                                       Gary Cavender  04/11/09 <> 

Gaither, going through the pictures on your site I have not seen any of Kadie Ingleman the lady that ran the laundry facility for many years. She was as much a part of McPheeters barracks as the buildings themselves. I hope someone has some pictures they will send in for you to post. I was stationed at McPheeters from April 1965 to April 1968 and from July 1973 to January 1976. 


                                                                                     Scott A. Fry  3/11th   03/11/09

 I was stationed with the 58th Combat Engineer Company with the 3/11th ACR during the period of 1986-1989. is a wonderful site. The only improvement I would recommend is the additional information and photos of the Combat Engineers which were a vital asset to both the 11th and the 14th ACR. Looking at making visit back to Bad Hersfeld in 2010. SSG(ret.)Fry


                                                                                   Rich Cante 3/14th 01/11/09

 Looking for old friends who served at Wildflicken in headquarters 54th engineers Bl. during the years 1966-68. Looking to locate for a reunion, already found 5 other guys, and now were all looking for more. thanks, Rich Cante NY


                                                                           Ray Lebowitz  3/14th   30/10/09

I was a "Tanker", 2nd Platoon "H" Company, Jan 2, 1958 to July 20th 1960. It became Troop "K" shortly before I left. My best memories of Bad Hersfeld were "The Central", "The Hole in the Wall" and Vitalis Closet", our favorite watering holes. Trips to "The Fischers Stoob" and "Dolly Bar" in Frankfurt were also memorable. I dont miss walking guard duty or freezing on the Border. Loved the "Snack Bar" and the "EM" club. I was on the Bn and Regt. track team and still compete in The Florida Senior games. I developed hundreds of photos in The Service club. Anyone from that era who would like to see some of them,  E-mail me @ RL171@AOL.COM  


                                                                        Jim Small  3/14th - 1967-1968 -  26/10/09

 Gaither  I figured it was time I finally wrote something on this. First, thanks for all you've done to keep it all going for the guys who served a lot of time in Bad Hersfeld.

Jim Protteau and I arrived in BH in December of 1967, and we were both assigned to Commo platoon of Headquarters Troop as radio teletype operators. I was almost immediately put in place to replace Ron Johnson as the guy in the comm center who kept the security items up to date, as well as making sure that schedules were updated and SOI's built each month. 

I remember Sargeant Wahlen, Lt Urse, later Capt Urse, Bill Davis, Ray Englert, Dave Grames, Gaither Deitz (the one and only), Ted Van Dine, John Torres, Williams, AKA "The Kid", John Armstrong,  Stan Logan, Kenny Sablon, Bill McNiel, Harry Haring, Ian Seaton, and "Short Round". I also remember my German friends, Fritz Sandner and Pete Mikat. A great story, not to be told by me, is the one of Armstrong and Haring going taking their leave to Copenhagen. Another is the night exercise that we "played" and Englert and I were the very last ones back to the barracks about 3:00 AM. Sarge was  pissed! We couldn't help it that we both got separated from everyone and ended up falling asleep under the huge pine trees. Yes, I have some happy memories of my 15 months in McPheeters barracks and around Germany. I've forgotten most of the army's BS though. Thanks for the memories, guys. 

Deitz 26/10/09 Jim speaking of the guys, we just returned from a trip to the Blue Ridge Parkway (North Wilkesboro, Boon, Blowing Rock, N.C. etc. While attending a birthday party near Wilkesboro I met a local that may be able to get us in touch with Robert ‘Bob’ McNeil. I’ll be sure to let all know if Bob calls. FYI Bob is from N. Wilkesboro. Thanks for your post, Gaither


                                                                                   Thin Elk 21/10/09

                        1988 - 1991 < 58th EngsSo much fun. Never will forget that place! thanks Deitz.             


                                                                                 Richard Revell  19/10/09 <>

 Hi, I have posted a couple times on this site and think it is a great one. I would like to know who McPheeters Barracks is named after and the story all about how it got its name. I think it was after John W. McPheeters born in Indianapolis 1908-1944 who was executive officer of the First Armored Division. In 1942-1944 he served in Tunisia and then in Italy, and was regarded as an artillery expert. He was killed at Anzio while studying the landscape for the future disposition of his guns. He received several awards for bravery in action. I can't find anything on the internet that will confirm this, so if any one can, I would be grateful. I have a web site at that you could post any info on him. Regards: 

REPLY: This is a good question and you are correct, the Kaserne was named after John W. McPheeters. This information is in my YouTube Cold War Dedication video 9:30 sec via


                                                                                    Richard Revell  3/14th     19/10/09

Hi I signed your book on 02/03/09 and told about our site for the Border Barons coming on line. We are on line now and it tells all about the Engineers from 1957 -1965 at stop and sign  our guest book. I still have a lot of work to do on it, and a lot of guys to find. We just had our 6th reunion this week end Oct 16-18 2009 the next reunion will be in 2011 in Milwaukee, WI Regards: Dick Revell


                                                      Ed Montrgomery 18/10/09 What town was OP Oscar next to?

Ed I will advise Bruce S. Smith CSM (Army Retired) of your question. In Aug 2009 he wrote in one of his emails "I remember when we turned over OSCAR in late 76/early 77 if I remember ... I loved it up there."


                                                                        Robert Collins 3/11th - 1985-1986 - 9/09/09

Hi Guys, I was with Lima Troop in BH 1985-1986, 19D. I loaded and gunned SSG Quinn's 557. Capt/Maj Robinson, Then went to the S-3 track in Reg. When I made E5, I was selected for DI school @ Ft. Knox, went to A Trp 5th Cav, where I actually replaced my AIT DI, SSG McBride and was there til '78. 

                                                                                Bob Snyder  24/09/09 <>  

Dick Hall: I was in I Troop from 1965-1968 in commo, later commo chief, I remember skip Sayre and Toni Anthony as I recall Capt Gunn was a West Point grad and as such was not very well liked by the other officers. Good hearing from you, Bob Snyder. 


                                                                                    Mike Winsauer  19/09/09

 I served in BH in 1987. Transferred to Fulda was in BSL 1/11 and B-Trp 1/11. Just wanted to update some folks. I have moved and am living in Arkansas City, KS.   I am an OSHA/EPA Process Safety Manager for Creekstone Farms Premium Beef, LLC. Have been in contact with some of the Boeselager guys from 87, 88, and 90. Found that many are living in Texas, so if any of you read this we need to get together in Houston next year at the Blackhorse Reunion. Would love to hear from SSG Wheelan (L-33). Have been in touch with Ernie Ford (Leadhorse 7) and he loves it in Alaska. Call or email 501-940-5843 (cell) 620-741-3328(office) Deitz, wish I could have made it to Hersfeld for the reunion, but it just wasn't possible this time.

I moved and lost your contact info. Give me a shout. Would still like the information on helping train the SF Guys during Robin Sage. (as we were discussing earlier this  year or  501-940-5843 (cell) MIke Winsauer - Former 18B and 19D


                                                                           Big Al Miller    3/11th   <> 16/09/09

Hi everyone, I found the site and just had to check in and say hello. I was there in Hersfeld for all of 79 and all of 80., K Troop 3/11th. Pretty young-- fresh out of high school.    I was a scout but frequently found myself pulling double duty on a tank. 1st Lt Dewey Bolton was Comander. I remember NA-14, later called QRS, upgrades from M60 A1 to M60 A3 plus getting some hokey ATGM's mounted on the tracks. Wildflicken, Graf, Circumcised Enforcer, Bad Toelz, there was also the big NATO training area plus the different border missions, OP Romeo, the jeep patrol was a blast. Clubs like the Ocean, the Antec, Greasy Spoon-Henchen mit Pommes Frittes, Bebra, Hunfeld all the other small towns around there. Greasy Pete the lunchwagon guy w/ brats, the Machs Nicht man. The PT formation and wicked runs in the morning   after a hard nite of party'in. The only persons who I have made contact with since I left was Skip Van Buskirk thrice- last in the late 80's and Russell Farmer by Email.  I got tired of my life in the US after a couple different careers and marriages and moved overseas- Thailand, Vietnam, Korea, now the Middle East by Dubai.  I am college prof now at Intl Universities and quite happy. Met a German dude today in Dubai and we talked Hersfeld.  Cheers

PS:  Awesome video and dedication I remember Colonel Crow. What did they do with the old Easy 8 Sherman that use to be parked out front?

                                                                               Will Roquemore/ Rocky  16/09/09

Hi romo i know you, you have a tattoo of your name on you'r arm. We met at the greenishmier in ronshausen. When i got back from leave you and a big hawaiian guy were sitting in my both. I became  good friends with him, but after 31 years i can't remember his name. I was in L troop 3/11 acr 1976-1978. My wife and kids are sending me back to germany for my 50 B-Day in may 2010 can't wait. Thank you deitz for all you'r hard work. Idid not know the base was still there until i ran into this web. 


                                                                              Joseph Nova     12/09/09    3/11th

 Hi all, I was with Bravo Battery 2/2 ADA from Feb 84' to July 85'. I still remember those long rides up to the Tac Site, drunken nights in Bad Hersfeld, partying in Treysa, and the gasthaus just down the hill. When I left in 85' I never expected to see any of the troops I left behind. Then one day in 2004, 219 yrs later, I was working out at the gym when someone called out my last name, "Nova!". I'll be damn, it was Sgt Moore from my Commo team! Here it was 19yrs later and he recognized me. Said I still looked the same  It's a small world.     One last thing..I will never forget Marlo Wilson. She was my German/American girlfriend from Treysa. I later found out she was pregnate with my little girl. I never saw her or my daughter Sarah Wilson. One of my many regrets in life. 


                                                                       Sgt Dale Ferry AKA Gunney 11/09/09

 Good job with the youtube presentation videos you put together of the dedication at the post. Many were not able to make the trip but were able to do so thru your eyes.  I will always consider myself a Cold War Veteran and better for the time spent with the 3/11 ACR. "PackHorse"

Thanks Gunney,  Other Coid War related videos


                                                                            Bradley G. Rice   3/14th  11/09/09

 Gaither, I'm BACK!!! I just can't get enough of all this joyful reading of the past. Sometimes it almost seems like a glorious dream. But it did really all happen at one time in our lives. 50 years ago I was a crew chief on an L-19 fixed wing bird dog at the airfield in Fulda with the 14th ACR. I believe they named it Sickles Airfield sometime after I left in 1960. I truly believe as most of the troopers who have signed your guestbook that our lives would have been meaningless without the time we spent with the 14th. Whether in Fulda, Hersfeld or Kissingen. Even though I don't know many of those who have signed, I feel like a brother in arms to all of them because of the special feelings that we have for the 14th ACR. Souvez Moi  ..................... Deitz  1/09/09: Thanks sir, friends are always welcome back.             


                                                                         Tom Keown      06/09/09  3/11th  

Hey Gaither.... I spent Jan 1976 - July 1977 at the Green Hotel...3/11th How Battery...commo dude. 32 years ago and I can still taste the pizza at Sudpfanne...and the halbe hunched from Bratspies. My son is with    the Air Force in England. We are going to visit in March. We plan on hopping the channel and visiting Hersfeld on the trip. I was back in 1995 for part of a day enroute to a trade show. Really looking forward to showing my family a city I will always love. Any suggestions for hotels and website for trip planning?

9/6/2009     Tom if you are looking for something with German heritage ..... If you want something modern Google 'Sleep and Go' (stayed there 2005) a 3 min walk to the Kaserne, a 12+- min walk to downtown. You can get a lot of info via Google, type in 'Bad Hersfeld Motels'. If you need someone to show you around while in Germany or more information email me Wilmington, NC


                                                                          Gary Cavender   3/14th   31/08/09

  I was stationed in the 3/14th ACR with I troop and Sqdn Hq. 1965-1968. And again with the 3/11th ACR M Company and How Battery 1973-1976. I am trying to locate Fred D. Anthony who served as a mechanic with I Troop 1965-1968. If any one know his where abouts please email me


                                                                                 Bob Snyder     29/08/09 - 3/14th

 Deitz: talked with Gary Cavender this date, I remember Skip Sayre, Anthony ETC it has been 41 years are so. I was with I troop como and later como chief, I arrived middle of 1965 and departed Jan, 1968.  Your web-site has brought back many memories some good some bad (such as strawberry wine) the sickest I could get. In reality I had my 17th birthday at Bad Hersfeld. Thanks so much for your time and effort.

9/6/2009 Bob you got me beat, had my 18th birthday there in 1966. BTY: Tks for your post GHD. 


                                                                             Robert Snyder  3/14th   28/08/09

Appreciated looking back on the old times. Was very gratifying. I was stationed at Bad Hershfield 14th ac I troup como chief from 65-68. thanks again


                                                                               James Bishop     3/11th  29/08/09

 I was in Bad Hersfeld M Co 3/11 ACR Many of you will remember me as the armor. I remember the Antec disco and many more memories including The Rock. After a sent with the 82nd ABN I retired from  FT Riley Ks. James Bishop (Mathes) SFC Ret. 


                                                      Teresa (Cook) Reynolds aka 14th Army Brat 1959 <> 25/08/09

I'm an army brat with several connections to Bad Hersfeld. I was born there in 1959 to Ret. MSG James "The Rock" & Yvonne Cook. After graduating high school in Ansbach, I move to Bad Hersfeld when my parents were there in 1980-1982. There I met my husband, another brat, Les who was there with his family. During the 80's I worked ITT setting up travel tours and doing Programs at the DYA. Les was a weekday dorm student graduating from Frankfurt high, who worked at the mess hall and ran the Photo Craft shop.  My only regret....I didn't get a Border Baby Certificate - I was one of the early american kids born in Bad Hersfeld instead of at the Frankfurt American hospital. 


                                                                                 Dick Hall     - 22/08/09    3/14th

Gaither, I love this web site, lots of memories and old soldiers appear on it from time to time that I know. I served in BH from 1965 to 1968.  I was in HQ's and I troop. I got my 2nd article 15 under Joseph Jackman Jr.  My punishment was 15 days of KP. It was worth it. I later returned to see Bill Clark and his wife Uschi. We are in contact thru facebook. I missed the reunion but I surely enjoy the pictures that you posted to the web. John McOsker and I were in the same hallway many nights singing some old songs. I went to I troop in 67 and worked for James Conant who I believe later made CSM. Cpt Gunn was the commander. Roger K Schefuele was a wrecker driver for Squad maintenance and years later he was in the VA hospital in California for alcoholism, I believe he died there.I spoke with Skip Sayre this past summer, he is in California and doing pretty good.I also contacted his son thru facebook if you remember that you help bring together.Gary Cavender was also a big help. Keep up the good work and I hope to make the next reunion.

23/8/2009 Great story Hall, wish I had some photos of SGT Jackman. Do you think the guys were to afraid to take his photo?  Deitz


                                                                             Skip Dirk Westermann   26/08/09

Hello Dick Hall, Let me know, when you will come to Germany and it will be a pleasure for me to be your private Guide during that time, the same is for Gary Cavender.  I really hope, that I will get the chance to shake your hands and thank you guy´s for your big help. Just contact me and I will pick you up! Special thank´s to such great people! Skip

Deitz 26/8/2009:  Skip I want to thank you again for chauffeuring me around Hersfeld. If it was not for you and Thomas I would not have taken some interesting photos of Hersfeld for this web page, my YouTube videos Gaither


                                                                                         Ricky Pring     22/08/09  3/11th

 Great site! I served in M Co 3/11 in Bad Hersfeld from 1977 to 1982 M60 loader to M60A3 Tank Commander I also served in 1st Squadron as the Operations SGM at Fort Irwin and my final assignment was as  the 16th RCSM and was honored to serve the Troopers of the Regiment when they deployed to Iraq. My success is that of those leaders that brought me up in Bad Hersfeld James Cook (The Rock),Mike Burke, William Clark, Larry Pollard and Rudy Beck. These guys understood leading from the front, accomplishing the mission and taking care of the Troopers. I can tell you it wasn't always pleasant when you screwed   the pooch. You knew about it but at the same time they always gave the credit to the Troopers for all our success. Burke was my first TC and with him Sgt's time training was not four hours on Thursday it was every minute of the day. I was a little thick headed back then but a Track Jack Handle to the head every once in awhile brought me back. After Burke left The Rock showed up and it looked like we would be on easy street (Old Man). It only took a week to give him the nickname The Rock as he explained the fact that he was in the 14th Cav in Bad Hersfeld the year I was born and could out run us, out tank us, and most  of all out smart us, which he proved day in and day out. Bill Clark was the glue that kept it all together. He instilled in everyone,Mission first, Troopers second and everything else will fall into place. The Third Platoon Mike Company was more of a Family then a Platoon and Bill made it that way. Uschi Clark and Von Cook had the Family Support Group going on before the Army even thought about it. Taking care of   our families was something they did not because it was easy but because it was the right thing to do. I made the Army a carreer because of these Great Americans who gave so much of themselves to me and my fellow Troopers at the time.  I thank you all for your time and ask you all to take a moment to remember those and their families that have gone before us. Let it be know that the top ten percent of Americans are serving or have served their Country. TANKS Ricky Pring 16th RCSM Retired ... and I thank you, thedeitz


                                                                              James F. Cook  MSG Ret 14th & 11th  <> 22/08/09

Great site Deitz! I served in H Co. 3/14 BN 1958-1959 in the 2nd Plt tank section. I also served in M Co. 3/11 Cav 1979-1982. I also have many pictures in 'Welcome to 3rd Squadron's website. I still keep contact with Ray Lebowitz who served with me in my tank section back in the 50's. Ray is now retired from the NYFD. I still have contact with many from M Co. 3/11. William Clark 1SG Ret, Bill had many tours with both   the 14th and 11th Cav, was 1SG of K troop at one time. Bill now works for range control in Graf. Larry Pollard 1SG Ret, Larry also served more than one tour in Bad Hersfeld. Larry retired after the Gulf War, his son is now in the 11th Cav at Fort Irwin. Eddie Marcantel SFC Ret, now works for NATO in Europe inspecting arms of military treaty agreements. Rudy Beck CSM Ret, Many tours in Bad Hersfeld, 14th and 11th Cav. Rudy was 3/11 CSM at one time, now retired at Cripple Creek, Colorado. Ricky Pring CSM Ret, Pring retired as the 11th Cav Regimental CSM in Fort Irwin. Now works for a civilian firm in Fort Irwin. Larry Pollard's son was his last Hummer driver. Ron Miranda was a 2LT in M Co 3/11 and is now a LTC in Afghanistan, we still keep contact. It is my hope that some of you troopers out there remember some of these men and that it brings back memories of days gone by. Jim Cook

'SGT Rock' thanks for your email and feedback. It's GuestBook comments like yours, Ron Perisho, Sgt. Robert Shelton and others that makes a GuestBook work, interesting. 


                                                                                     Ron Perisho  3/11th - 20/08/09

 I served as a 19 Delta Scout with Lima Troop 3/11 ACR from 1984 to 1986. It was an truly an experience of a life time that is now part of me and those who were there could only understand.  Mr. Deitz I really enjoyed your pictures of the base. They brought back so many wonderful memories, thank you.


                                                                   Tina Reymond of Bad Hersfeld, Aug 20 2009:

Ron I believe I know you. Did you know Kristine Zieler, 87 Fritz Rechberg Str.? We were married and had a daughter.

Ron I remember you and , kerstin was a good friend of mine.  I was trying to write you an email but there must be something wrong with your address. if you want you can write me Mr Deitz can make the contact! Tina


                                                                              Sgt. Robert Shelton   3/11   12/08/09

 Vegehts du, hello from alabama, I was a 19d20 for HHT 3/11 ACR from June 1979 to June 1982. I was a squad leader for the tow pltn. my CO was Capt. Gaughn. my favorite place was mary,s gasthaus just at the bottom of the hill. and i liked eating fruhstuck at the truck stop right before you get into bad hersfeld. i had a honda 750 with a fairing and saddle bags and was a member of mottorad klub fulda.  I also had a american motors gremlin type sports car but gave it away before leaving germany. i remember one morning early, we were moving out on maneuvers, a german air force captain was driving down the hill leading to the back gate of the motor pool when he hit an m-60a1 tank head-on at 100 mph. he was killed instantly. also, i remember the CO,s armorer shooting himself in the arms room of battalion HQ with capt. gaughn,s 45. cal pistol. he was an heroin addict that couldn't get loose. there were several times that someone i knew got tripped out on junk and no one seemed to notice. i served in vietnam  before joining the army, i was a security policeman at nahkon phanom, thailand and did several drop in, fly out missions in laos and cambodia. i was a member of tiger flight 56th spec ops squad. Remember tail 933, marquez island, we went in to bring out a platoon of surrounded marines on marquez island. lost some good friends there too. anyway, enough rambling. i loved the CAV. 


                                                                             Michael Schremser of Hersfeld <>  09/08/09

Hello. This is really a great site. I live in Bad Hersfeld (Germany) and I have never seen before so much pics from my city from the 1960`s.  I send many greetings from Bad Hersfeld. Michael (Sorry for my english, this is not good)

Michael, vielen dank for your post. It was good to read you appreciate this web page. Wenden Sie sich bitte jederzeit an mich. TheDeitz 9/2009


                                                                             Chris Conn, In Memory of SGT Roderick Conn  05/08/09

My father was stationed at BH 3/11th from 1985-89 with the 58th engineers SGT Roderick Conn. I am writing to tell anyone who remembers him that he passed away on July 25 at the age of 54. He missed BH and loved this site, Thank You for this site it brings back memories that I would never change.

Chris, I have a section for GIs that have passed on listed as 'RIP'.  For additional information contact me via this site. Please accept my condolences, TheDeitz


                                                   < * > Sgt Ken Burkhart  via Eric Burkhart of Blanco, Texas  3/11 -  2009

Thanks for your donation supporting our Web page. Eric is the son of late Sgt Ken Burkhart a former 11th ACR Trooper (1973-1977). .... His mother Eliane was French and ran the Class VI store in Hersfeld. ... If you have any memory of the Burkhart family please email Eric @ ... 04/08/09  Eric and I along with others that have Hersfeld connections R on facebook, R U?


                                                                                    Clayton E. Graham   3/11th  04/08/09

 This is a very cool site. I was on this kaserne with B btry 2nd bn 2nd ADA from 1983-1986. Our barracks weres on the right of the main gate. Later in 1986 they moved us down by the parade field when they remodeled the old barracks. Our unit deactivated shortly after the move. I have some old pictures somewhere. 


                                                                                               John McOsker   3/14th 22/07/09

Hello G. Deitz,  It' me, hope you and your family are well. Great pics of the reunion. A lot of memories. The ones that I really enjoyed were inside of the barracks and the curved walls going into the rooms. Thanks  John

John going back into the Headquarters Building was ….. How can I put it … it was an emotional experience. Thanks for your post, feedback is always welcome. GHD 23/7/09


                                                                                     Darryl W. Lee  2/11th  21/07/09

I was Stationed in Bad Kissingen 2/11 ACR H Company 1979 to 1981. I miss all the friends and the beer.

Eric Burkhart  19/07/09:  Hi Daniel. If you read a few messages below you will see a couple of notes from me. My family was in Bad Hersfeld from 1973 to 1977/78. I was just a kid at Bad Hersfeld Elementary,  but I was old enough to remember so much and I am looking for anyone who might remember my folks. By the way, you forgot to put your email address. Eric @ 


                                                                                  Daniel W. Dundar3/11th  19/07/09



                                                                               Bradley G. Rice   3/14th   17/07/09

 Remember me Gaither? I'm still trying to locate some of the soldiers who were stationed with me at the Pflug Platz in Fulda while I was station there 58-60. I have a yearbook that was published in 1960 and has all the soldiers of the 14th ACR. Fulda, Bad Hersfeld and Bad Kissingen. I am in the process of scanning it page by page and hopefully some day I can send  it to you to use as you see fit.  Brad @ ...                                                                 <> 7/19/09 Re: 'Remember me Gaither?' Yes sir I do, GHD


                                                                                  Frank Mandery  3/14th  16/07/09

 I was in Hersfeld from 61-63. During that time I was in L Troop 1st Plt. Inf Section. I drove a M113. Hersfeld was great and I have many memories of my time in Deutschland. I returned to Hersfeld in 93 and again in 94. The Kaserne was completely empty. It was like a ghost town. 

                                                                                Antonio Corpening  3/11th  16/07/09

Hey I was there from with L trp 3/11 acr from 1983 to 1986 and later returned back to the blackhorse with 1/11 acr Fulda prior to closing. This site brings back memories and it was very exciting to read all the messages from the brotherhoods. Cpt Player,Lt.Braden SSG Pacheco, SSG Necessary and anyone else that knows me please call 330-479-5499 or email at Love ya!!! 


< * >                                                                                       Eric Burkhart   16/07/09 Please indulge (and forgive) me, I forgot some friends from the mid 1970s.....hello to the Gishes, MacDonalds, Dunlaps, Milligans, Spears, Becks, Phillips, Chaplain Thompson and family, and Bodifords. One of  my best memories is how the entire housing community organized for Halloween....we got to wear our costumes to school on Halloween Day, and that evening all the different stairwells were decorated and operated by ghoulish friends with candy to give! I remember frequently going to trade comic books in the various stairwells, and I remember the toy store on post which was in a basement in the PX bldg. Although the base toy store couldn't hold a candle to the toy stores downtown, it was still special....AMAZING memories. Thank you, military families of Bad Hersfeld, for making my childhood so WONDERFUL. 

I was part of a Bad Hersfeld family from 1973 to 1977. My father was Sgt Ken Burkhart and my mother, who was French and ran the Class VI store, is Eliane. I attended Bad Hersfeld ES from the ages of 8 to 12. I remember being a Bad Hersfeld Tiger! We really stunk, except for one year in baseball (Coach Smith) and one year in football. My family is still very close with the Sgt Kendall and Shirley Brincefield family. Unfortunately both Ken and Shirley have passed on, as has my father in 2004 (absolutely devastating). Everything about BH was marvelous. We would take the most amazing ski trips with the school. I would be so so grateful to anyone with even the faintest memory of my family or my father. I remember little girlfriend Michelle Ryan, my friends Jimmy Hammond and Jerry Fink....PLEASE drop me an email. Eric Burkhart, Blanco, Texas  


Chuck Zenns    12/07/09         stationed in Bad Hersfeld from 1987-1989, as a combat engineer with the red devils. 


                                                                                  < * > RODNEY GOFF   07/07/09

 Wow! What a great time I had going back to Bad Hersfeld. After 22 years a lot of things I remembered were still there. Some had changed, but a lot has stayed the same. It was a pleasure meeting and hanging out with you (Gaither) and the rest of the group. Sorry I missed you the last few days, I ended up running into a few guys I served with that attended the functions in Fulda Friday and Saturday. There just wasn't enough time. I'm already wanting to go back. I will post some of my pics soon. I'm just trying to get caught back up at work know.

Rodney, we wished you could have stayed with us longer. BTW I have your beer glass and some coasters. Gaither


                                                                                      Joe Walker  3/11th  06/07/09

Gaither, thanks for the pictures you posted so far. They brought tears to my eyes to look at them. I wished I could be there. I look forward to the others you have. Thank you with all my heart. <> Joe I know where you are coming from.


                                                                                            Neal Stivers  05/07/09

 Thank you for a found a site that remembers Bad Hersfeld and the barracks there as well as honors the servicemen who sacrificed their personal lives to live there for years at a time. I served in I Troop in 1975-1976. I was also a Unit Policeman (Gate Guard) for about 6 months while there. I think about my time spent in Bad Hersfeld quite often and reflect on the bitter-sweet nature of my experiences there as an 18 year old kid from Idaho learning to speak a little German and carousing with the local fraulein. It's a background that few members of my generation can understand and even fewer members of the succeeding generations. I remember the weather there as being like the area had two seasons, winter and early spring. It was lung clearing to run our 3 mile run at 7:00 a.m.  My buddies and I went to several places to unwind, gasthauses that I can't remember the names of and two clubs in particular, The Manhattan Club and a place called Bocaccio's. Not many locals, except girls, went to any of these places. It's funny, I remember the offtimes much better than the actual duty time. I know I did go to Graf aka Grafenwoer, go on alerts, etc., because I have pictures. I can probably attribute the discrepancy to the constant lack of sleep when on duty. Anyway, thanks for the site. "Allons" 


                                                                          Cindy Durning    3/14th  05/07/09

 My husband was in Germany with L troop from 68-69 he was a scout with 3rd platoon. He was sad he couldn't make the dedication but we both loved the pictures wish everyone well. Was wondering if anyone could give us the name of the Strawberry wine that is in the one picture I would love to get a bottle of it for him. I have heard nothing but funny stories about the infamies strawberry wine and what happens when you drink it.  If someone can help me please email us and let us know. I tried to get the name off the bottle in the picture and look it up and couldn't find it. Thanks, Cindy Durning (John Durning)-

Good question Cindy, the name on the bottle is Erdbeer-Wein (Strawberry-Wine) 12.5% Alc. "Eine von Verschiedenen Obstweinspezialitaten". Johannesberg is the village near Hersfeld, Klosterschänke is the name of the beer Garden. This guestbook will not allow a web address in the message. I have added a web address to the above www (click on www, now put your pointer on 'Back' now click on 'Zurück' for more info). I hope this helps, Gaither @ 



                                                                                   William Andrew Sekera  29/06/09

  Hello all, I was not able to attend the reunion this year,me and my wife really wanted to go. Hopefully there will be another at some point. I was stationed at Daley Barracks,Bad Kissingen H.CO 2/11ACR(ARMOR)from 1980-1982. Looking for some old buddies i lost touch with over the years. Thanks, William Sekera


                                                                                        Wendy Wilkins 25/06/09

Hi, my father was stationed in Bad Hersfeld in 1983 to 1985. I attended Hersfeld Elementary school; 3rd grade and left towards the end of 5th grade. Are there any former classmates out there? Wendy  silke 16/06/09 Hi, just found this site. My daughter's Father was station in Bad Hersfeld from 1988-1992. His name is Lowrence Early (nickname Rick) like two know If somebody has still Pictures about him  also looking for John Gips. If someone knows anything about them please email me... 


                                                                                 Brian M. Green  14/06/09

  A. Culpepper K troop, been looking for you and Garcia. Call me Brian Green @ 614-516-1824  

 Hay Tom your old roomie brian green talked to douglas a few times get in touch 614-516-1824                   

Claudia ( Kiefer ) Ward 08/06/09 Hello thank you for this great site and for all the work and time. I just found this post by; Ken Thurman 11/06/07 "What Great memories. I was stationed there from 90-93 as an MP." ... Now there was no email   address, so I could not get in touch with Ken. Anyways Ken if you read this I would be happy to hear from you. Claudi


                                                          Elaine Skelton / Sgt. Danny Lee Walker 3/11th   03/06/09

 Good Afternoon, My name is Elaine Walker Skelton and Sgt. Danny Lee Walker, who was my big brother passed away on May 6th. Danny served with the 3/11th. If anyone knew Danny, I would appreciate if you would get in touch with me.  He was around 6'2", red-headed and was a Radar Operator stationed at Fulda Gap/Bad Hersfeld with the 3/11th during the middle to late 70's. I know for certain he was at  OP Romeo because I have spoken with Steven Reed, who served with Danny at this observation post. Steven is also looking for former buddies from this same time period. If any of you have stories or pictures of his life while in Germany, I hope you would share them with me. I am presenting his eulogy on June 13th in Old Fort, NC.  He was my only brother and he meant the world to me. I truly want to know more about the period of my brother's life, which he considered the best years of his life. Thank you, Elaine Walker Skelton @ 

                                                                                     Jim Blanchard  01/06/09

Hey to Bob Romo and Jay Graham, it's been a long time. Many years have come and gone since the first platoon. Hope all is well. 


                                                                              Mark Holloway  3/12  30/05/09

 I was with the 3/12 Cav in Budingen from 73-76. Started as a Scout on M114 but soon became a 'tanker' on the M551.We went to Fulda in '73 to relieve the 11th ACR for gunnery.  Spent a week at OP Alpha. I went up in the tower one day and another soldier told me to look across the border. There were about 10 East German soldiers, each with binoculars,  staring intently at us. I felt a little uneasy thinking there  must be some sort of 'incident' going on. After a few minutes someone told me to lean over and look at the front of our tower. I did so and realized what the 'incident' was. Someone had stapled Playboy foldouts  all over the front of our tower! Unforgettable! 


                                                                                 Tony Perry  3/14th  26/05/09

I was stationed in Germany in 1967-1968, B Btry 6th BN 517th Arty, Cw Radar Section (23R20) drank good beer & strawberry wine, at the site from the guesthouse next to it.  If you were there then get back to me. I was a sp5 when I left. Got some pictures of that time, getting ready for an IG inspection. 


                                                                 James Lay   09/05/09   3/11th  K troop 1981 - 1982

 I don't remember you Joe Walker but it has been many years. I hung out with cozzaglio, Scott culp, Braserro,Mcinney. I was a mechanic worked in motorpool on tracks.  Do you remember sfc seidler he was motorpool sgt. Man I can remember all the Einbeckers that I put down nice... What was the place that we use to go for henchen chicken?  The lady who owned it was really nice everybody went there? Email me at 


                                                                      Dale Ferry 06/05/09   AKA Gunney     3/11th  

 Great site you have. Photos of the post and base bring back a lot of memories. Loved that fest that they had on post every year.Was stationed there from 1987 to 1990 MST3 Armt Shop NCO. Those boys could bend a M16 in tank turret quite often. Never ran so many hills in my life!!!


                                                                     < * > DUNCAN S. HODGES 3/11th  05/05/09

I was stationed with the fourteenth, and the eleventh cav. third squadron, k troop. if anybody knows me out there please email me. I was a scout driver, and I would like to know the names of the o.p.s that were active from 1971-1973. My unit spent a lot of time along the border, and I remember o.p. oscar. 


                                                                              Patrick of Bad Hersfeld  27/04/09

 Hello, my name is Patrick, a 28-years-old guy living in Bad Hersfeld. My mum is a german woman and my dad was a GI stationed in Bad Hersfeld. Unfortunately I don't know him.  In the last three years I tried everything to find information about my dad and or locate him. But without success. Even the TV couldn´t help me. So I am very happy to find these page and I hope someone could give me information how I can get information about my dad. I even don´t have a picture.    Does anyone know a man named "Gerald D. Inman"? He was born in 1960 in Dewar, Oklahoma. Between 1978 and 1981 he was stationed in Bad Hersfeld. Unfortunately I don't know in which company he was. But I know that he lived in the great building in front of the great place. It was the last building on the right side. Until now I have found many americans who were stationed there, too. But nobody knows my dad. If anybody could give me an hint,    Could anybody help me, please?   please email me: patrick01031980@web


                                                                      < * >  JESUS M MARRERO   20/04/09

HELP!! For the last 40 years I'm trying to know the where about or contact a good friend SRAEL PACHECO we were station at 3rd 14th ACR, I troop, 1st Platoon Scout Section from 1968 to 1970.   The last info that I have is that he was living in New York City area. Any information Please send to    Thanks


                                                                     Karin McPeak     20/04/09    3/14

 I am looking for anyone who was stationed in Bad Hersfeld between 1957-1960.  I am looking for a very special person. I will give more details later. THANK YOU SO MUCH !!!  email 


                                                                          Leo White   05/04/09    3/11

  Just found this. Great site. I will be back. I'm wondering if anyone has a photo of a "Border Rat".A vendor in front of the post used to sell jackets with one embroidered on the back.  I have been looking for years. HELP . Again, Thanks for the site.     Served L Trp. 1977-80  email or


                                                         Joe Walker aka. "Bama"   01/04/09   3/11th

Tony Pugh, not sure if I knew you or not, I was in K Troop in 81 and 82. Sgt Brewer was my first sgt. My first company commander was the insane Captain Bolton. The next one after him was a first lt. Don't remember his name. I was big into Softball, Raquetball and football until they started complaining about my throwing forearms and calling penalties on every down. I loved being downtown with the girls too. Not at the barracks very much. 


                                                                < * > GEORGE O'SHEA 29/03/09

O'Shea 3/14 K Troop 1959-60  I am in touch with Smith and Peasley, would like to hear from other members of the unit.  Many thanks to the Deitz family for organizing this site. ...... DEITZ:  George, thanks for the feedback AND your Donation to this site, The Deitz


                                                                         Lawrence Seidel - 26/03/09-

3/11th, 1978 - 1981 How Btry. I Trp,  13F Forward Observer Chaplain Assistant HHT 1979


                                                                      Tony Pugh    - 13/03/09    3/11

 Thank you Deitz family! I was stationed in Hersfeld 1981-1983. I remember the old guy selling bratwurst, and currywurst from the truck. also remember the marks nix guy with the cheap knick knacks in front of the barracks. I was there when two of my buddies died in an APC accident. Sgt. Cole and Specialist Logan. CAPT. Shoenfield was my commander at I troop. LT. COL. Cherry was post Commander. Really miss the guys and the festivals. Can't forget those pretty frauleins! ..........    And I thank you for your post.... The Deitz 3.30.09


                                                                             Dagmar   - 12/03/09     3/11

 Hello, heard about this web site from a friend. Just wanted to say it's AWESOME thank you. My husband was in HEF that's where we met in 1988 and got married in' 89. He was in HHT a medic, name James Himes!!! I love all the pics you posted, I have not been home in 11 years...thax again, Dagmar    .................. DEITZ  21.3.09  And I thank you for your post. The Deitz


                                                                       Murph Gagne -  11/03/09   3/11

Hello to all HWB 3/11 - I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld when Ned Devereaux was the CSM. Would like to hear from anyone there around that time. Ernie Ford has retired and lives in Alaska.

 20/03/09 Rodney Goff  to Murph Gagne:      If you are who I think you are, you were my 1ST.SGT in How battery. I only knew you as 1ST SGT Gagne, so your first name did not ring a bell.   I am Rodney Goff or Spc. Goff at the time between 85-87. Capt. Ehlers was the Battery Co. whom I drove for for about 1 year.  Good to hear from you. 


                                                                       Sgt. David P. Voller  - 09/03/09   

 Was commo sergeant for Mike Troop from 1970 to 1971. Really enjoyed the experience and am very pleased with this wonderful site that you have setup.

                                                                          Joe Secour  - 08/03/09   3/11

 I was in Bad Hersfeld back in 1956-1957. Found this site and enjoy it. Just too bad I didn't know none of the guys I was in Germany with, wish I could find a few guys. I was in TK CO 3rd Bn 14 AC, the CO was Capt. Fisher and three other guys, Larry W Christmas, C. Maytidu and J. Morrw. I will leave my email address, it's  Thanks and hope to hear from some guys. Re: Wonderful site. Reply: Thanks Mr. Secour, hope you received the email I sent you reference the 1956 14th ACR Year Book on ebay, The Deitz. 


                                                                    Gary Cavender   - 08/03/07 - 3/14

 I was stationed in I Troop and HHC Apr 1965-Dec 1968. Was stationed in M Company and How Battery from July 1973 November 1975. My email 


                                                                    Kevin Zitlow  - 05/03/09  

                                                                 3/11 58th Eng. Red Devils 1987 -1989 -         


                                                                      Richard Revell   - 02/03/09   3/14

Great site, I was at Hersfeld from 1961 - 1964 in the Engineers. I was back in 1999 for three weeks had a great time. I am getting a web page set up for " The Border Barons" that is the name of are reunion group,  we will have are 6th reunion in Oct this year. I will put a link on my page to yours. We have 160 in our group with 300 more names of men we can't find. Keep up the good work. Regards: Dick Revell


                                                           John Durning   25/02/09 - 3/14th L Troop 1968-1969 <> 


                                                                                P. Joby Polansky  - 20/02/09   3/11

 Outstanding website. I originally found you via, and you kindly directed me to your site. It is really well done, congrats!  I served between 1986-1988. I am looking for anyone who was there with the 58th Combat Engineer Company (58th CEC) during this period.  We were lucky to serve in Bad Hersfeld. Great people, great beer, and great fussball! Let me know if you want any photos from my tour. All the very best, P. Joby Polansky.  <>Yes lucky we were, Thanks Deitz


                                                                                          Thomas Keown  - 20/02/09  - 3/11

 Workhorse!!! Served with How Battery 3/11 from Jan 1976 - July 1977. Commo. I drove the  gamma goat we named Hotloop Hopalong. To this day that goat is one of my favorite vehicles ever.  It was the best of times and worst of times. Great guys..we were way more dedicated to our military duty than the military was dedicated to us at the time. Going on alert or war games was awesome in the good weather..hell in the bad. Who read the comic books under the log at the top of NA-14? Who had Pizza at Sudpfanne/Marianna's? Lomo's. Bratspies. And the old german dude that drove the blue van on post and sold bratwurst and those were great. Wildflecken...Graf...the border...the morning run with Col Dice and his dog. The Cav life is a man's game. Got to go visit in 1995..different place found all the old hangouts though. Workhorse!!!! 


                                                                             Reinhard of Bad Hersfeld  19/02/09

 Hello Gaither, Thank you for the great website. When I was a young boy, me and my friends stand beside the road and greet to the US tanks making the V-sign -remember? ........... Thanks Reinhard, I do remember der kinder standing beside the road waving, giving the V-Sign. It always put a smile on our faces.  I hope to see you and others in June 2009. Gaither


                                                                          Frank Rueger of Bad Hersfeld - 18/02/09

Hi Gaither,  I'm from Bad Hersfeld, born in 1970. Today I found your website because I was looking for photos of the old Cafe Bolender. Thanks for a really great website with great photos from my hometown! It's amazing to see things that I've never known because they are replaced by new buildings. I'm pleased to hear that your time in Bad Hersfeld was part of the best time of your life. If you would like to have some contact to German people from Bad Hersfeld you could join, it's a social network. Actually we try to save the Cafe Bolender building from pulling down! And we would appreciate everyone from the whole world who helps us. If you'd like to join please send me your email-address and I will invite you.  Best regards from Germany, Frank                                                                     <> Frank thanks for the invention. I understand the old Cafe Bolender is a very popular landmark in Hersfeld. I also have photos of Hersfeld/Cafe Bolender on my YouTube, search; Gator Deitz or Bad Hersfeld,  Thanks, Gaither


                                          Skip Westermann of Bad Hersfeld  Looking for Gerald D. Inman <> 16/02/09

Gerald D. Inman, Served at the MC Pheeters Barracks from 1978-81. His Friends called him Oakie. He was from Oklahoma liked Cowboy clothes and he used to play Country musik in a band. The reason why I´m looking for him is because his son is searching for him and I would like to help him.I know how he feel because I did the same and I was lucky because I found mine. If you could tell me some  about him please write or post a massage at the Guestbook. Thank you guy´s for your help, Skip


                                                                              Skip Westermann  16/02/09

 Hello Gaither, Long time ago I wrote, but I just want to say Thank you once more. I never would have found my Dad without your help.  And thank´s to Dicky Hall and Gary Cavender you all are great guy´s.  Hope to see you all one Day! Skip Jr.

16/02/09, Thanks Skip, we are delighted to have helped and are pleased with the results. There is a good chance some of us will see you at our Hersfeld reunion in June. The Deitz


                                                             Karin Peak    16/02/09  Looking for ........

 I'm looking for David Schwerin. He was stationed in Bad Hersfeld between 1958 - October 1960. Any information at all would be greatly appreciate. email  Tks


                                                                          Elliott W. Cooney  - 09/02/09 - 3/11

 WOW! great site. I served with K TROOP  3/11 ACR from 1983 till 1986. I was A gate guard when the electronic gate was installed. Col. Crocker and CSM Arruda. I lived on Obere Frauenstrasse and was shocked when I saw your picture of it. alot of memories ty .... 

Elliott you can thank Siegfried Walter a German, not a GI for most of the 11th ACR photos. If you have any information about a photo, just drop me an email and I will post the info. 


                                                                      Robert Romo  08/02/09

                          Looking for ones who served with I Trp 1977-79.  I would like to attend reunion in June.             


                                                                      Rick Witte of Bad Hersfeld - 08/02/09

 Yes, I was there from 1973 until 1978 as a civilian, long hair, working at EM and THE NCO Club in Bad Hersfeld. I had the best time of my life and I really miss you all here just a few names; Ron and Lisa, Rycek, Jim Millegan, Tina Odenbough, Paul Wocjek, Gary Roberts, Lt. Perdulla and many more.... give me a ring at 0049.173.4808820 - 


                                                                                        Rainer of Bad Hersfeld - 02/02/09

 Hi Gaither, I've seen your clips on youtube, cause I search after Bad Hersfeld from time to time. These days I live in Frankfurt. I was born and lived in Bad Hersfeld. I was born in 1968 and I lived on the Peters from 1971-1990 and my mother still lives there. I have many memories about the U.S. Army and the McPheeters barracks. Very often early in the morning, the troops very doing a running exercise and they were running past our house singing. My father had contact with some of the soldiers and with some guys from the Military Police. Sometimes we were allowed to go to the EM club and downstairs there was a restaurant where we had burgers and pizza. I loved the burgers and I remember that my sister loved the pizza's. Once a year there was an American-German friendship celebration in the casern and everyone was allowed to get in. We loved eating American ice cream. On Christmas we had a young soldier with our family and he could play a 12 string guitar. When I was older in the eighties I was allowed to go the "MP" which was the "Musik Paradies". It was a club and many GI's went there. When the GI's went to maneuver exercise we took our bikes and rode into the forest up the wippershainer strasse. Cause when we would meet them they would give us cookies and chocolate from their army food. They also would give us some cans with soup and meat and stuff, but we didn't like that. But we loved the cookies and the chocolate. Kind regards, Rainer


                                                                     Tina Reymond, Bad Hersfeld - 01/02/09

 Hi, my name is Tina and I´m from Bad Hersfeld and I grew up with the Americans. I had a great time and I meet a lot of nice people! My teenage years they was in 1985´ and I found today Rodney Goff on your site, I don't know if he still remember me? If somebody got the chance to come back to Bad Hersfeld it´s very interesting what happen the last twenty five years! excuse my english it´s not the best anymore! bye Tina


                                                                                   < * > RODNEY GOFF - 02/02/09:

 Hey Tina, I do remember you. I will be attending the reunion in June and will be in Bad Hersfeld from 24-29 of June.                                          ...........    FTI they/we met at our June 2009 Dedication


                                                                                       Jerry Menard  - 28/01/09    3/11

 This site is amazing, reading the guestbook comments brought back so many great memories. One of the posts was Captain Dave Robinson. He was the commander who made me a PLL clerk. I was in Lima Troop 3/11 ACR. 11D Scout and 76 series PLL clerk. I worked in the squadron maintenance PLL office in 1975 until I left for home. The time I spent as the PLL clerk in L Troop, started me  down the path I am still walking today. I retired from the Army Reserves in 1993 and I still work and serve the Army as a Supply Planner at DSCC in Columbus. I will continue to come into this site and read the guestbook. Any body who was in L Troop 3/11 ACR 1974-76. Send me an email. I would like to find John (Jay) Evans, L Trp TAMMS Clerk from Columbus, OH. ... 


                                                                                  J. Keith Maxwell 3/11 - 25/01/09

 I've enjoyed looking through the site for the last two or three hours. Was stationed in Bad Hersfeld from late 1981 till early 1983. I was in the HHB of the 3/11th. This brought a lot of good memories. 


                                                                                    Robert Romo  - 3/11 - 20/01/09



                                                                                     Gordon -  - 18/01/09 - 3/14

 I had posted a small note before it got blasted. I served in HHT, sqdn commo from december 1968 to May 1970. I got there as a pfc and left as a sgt. I worked the RTT rigs AN/GRC-26D and the AN.GRC-46 in the M577 track. We had the back side the sqdn maint and behind the Mess hall. I have not been able to make contact with anyone that I served with. most people called me DEE. I hope to hear from anyone  that I served with. <-> DEE if U C this leave us an email so I can update you

DEE SEE MY POST DATED 25/07/08 - 02:35:24 ... Please accept my apology if your post has been removed. You are more than welcomed to post another. Someone posted a link to an X rated site. When same was delete ALL post were deleted (some type of virus). The post you see are from a previous backup. Gaither HQ Troop Commo 1966-1968


                                                                           Oliver Rowans, Bad Hersfeld , 17/01/09

Sorry Gaither, I have to write this in German to Walter Siegfried.  ======= Herr Walter, sie sagen das sie viele Bilder gemacht haben.. mich würden die Bilder sehr interessieren.. gäbe es ne möglichkeit, alle die aus der Zeit der Blackhorse per E-Mail zu bekommen? Und noch eine Frage, mir wurde mal gesagt bzw. wurde meinen Vater (ehemaliger US-Soldat) gesagt das Photografieren in der Kaserne verboten ist. War das als Bundeswehrsoldat machbar? Vielen Dank für die tollen Bilder.. darauf warte ich seit Jahren. Viele gruesse aus Bad Hersfeld.  


                                                                                   Walter Siegfried, Kassel Germany     16/01/09

 Gaither, Thanks for your e-mail. I have send my photos for your Webseite and I hope we will get a good feedback from the GI's from Bad Hersfeld. I am very interested on photos from that time and I hope someGI's from this time will send more photos, especially from US Army - 14th Cav Bad Hersfeld, cars and tanks with white stars. I will send you much more photos from 1974 until 1993 from 11th ACR. Please give me a bit more time, because I have to organize and I have to sort out all that staff. Next time I will send you the photos on CD. It will be the time from 74 until 93; Best regards from Kassel, your friend Walter Siegfried and many greetings from old Germany. Thanks Walter, GHD


                                                                                          Joe Mclendon,   - 13/01/09    3/11

 I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld from 1974 to 1976. Now that was a strange army. Out of 17 tanks, only twelve would run and the others were cannibalized for parts. If the east germans had decided to drive through we would not even known. Things started to get better when I was leaving, in 76, glad you guys got it all working again. I loved my time there and all my german friends. 


                                                                    Terry Barlup (BOO-BOO)  - 11/01/09

 Great site!  I was stationed there From 1971-74 with Lima Troop as the Motor Sergeant and then in Sqd Maint as the PLL supervisor. Had a lot of good times in Graf, and on border duty. The 3/11th ACR was one of my most rewarding duty stations in my career. Now retired living in NC


                                                                              < * > Rodney Goff,    - 09/01/09    3/11

 Hello, I was in How battery 3/11 from 1985-87. I loved my time there and will always have great memories of Bad Hersfeld and Germany. I hope to get over there for the reunion and see how much has changed since the wall came down. I arrived there a barely 18 yr old naive boy, but left a man. It really opened the eyes of a small town West virginian to the world. Thanks for this site, Rodney. 


                                                                                      Walter, Siegfried of Kassel - 08/01/09

 Hallo, Herr Deitz, muß leider in Deutsch schreiben, da mein Enlisch nicht gut ist. Hoffe, Sie können es lesen? Ihre Seiten finde ich super gut, gefällt mir sehr und ich schaue sie mir jede Woche an.  Habe alles runtergeladen auf DIN A4 Fotos. Wunderbare Fotos, toll. Ich war mit der 3rd Squadron 11th ACR Bad Hersfeld ab dem Jahr 1976 bis zur Auflösung 1993 sehr eng befreundet und habe viele Fotos gemacht.  Im Manöver sowie in der Kaserne. Selbst interessiere ich aber mehr für die frühere Zeit der US Army, die Zeit der mit den weißen Sterne an den Fahrzeugen. Bin Modellbauer im Maßstab 1:87 und baue schon seit 40 Jahren US-Modelle. Daher bin ich an Fotos aus dieser Zeit interessiert. Vielleicht können Sie mir noch mehr von so tollen Fotos anbieten wie auf Ihrer Webseite?  Sie können natürlich auch von mir Fotos haben. Soviel für heute. Herzliche Grüße aus Kassel, Germany, Ihr S. Walter


                                                                                          John McOsker   - 25/12/08   3/14

Merry Christmas to all troopers of the 14th. I have found several old friends on the site and I really enjoy everything about it. I am still looking for trooper Richard Gray. A black guy who served with me in Squad Maint from 65 to 67. We had so much fun together at work, in town and at the em club. I have a picture of him and me on the web site.  If he is still around and you know him my e mail is Take care guys,  John McOsker


                                                                                           Daniel Wahlen   - 23/12/08  3/14

 Merry Christmas all, still looking for anybody that went to the elementary school in Bad Hersfeld from 1966 to 70, James KING, BJ, John Rockholt, all you guys were on the football team and others, Go Bulldogs. I would like to hear from anyone from that time period that was in Bad Hersfeld 1966-1970. .. Daniel Wahle @ 


                                                                                              Chris Conn  21/12/08

HI Ronald,  I would love to go back, I'm glad one of us could. I'm 29 also, I remember some kids from school there. I would like to talk some day to see if we knew each other then. 


                                                                                Rick Mayfield   - 20/12/08   3/14

 I'm a product of the US Army being stationed in Bad Hersfeld. My mom was born there and my dad first arrived there in '56 as a MP. I go back a few times every year. The town hasn't changed too much.  However, everyone I've known for the last 40 years has changed so much. I read something about a reunion in '09, my dad may be interested if someone can give me the info (he lives in Germany half the year). Thanks for the website!!         


                                                                            Joe D. Walker  -    13/12/08    3/11

 Spec 4 Walker, I was in K Troop from 1981 - 1982, only 16 months but I will never forget it. I was a scout, 19 Delta. I found out a little more what Real Army did for a living once I left the states. 

I really appreciate what you have done with this web site and keeping up with all the memories. Unfortunately for me all my pictures, medals and awards were lost in a move. This is the best site I have found with pictures of my barracks and the base. I was in the old Headquarters building on the second floor at the far left room on the front looking from where the flag is. The second window from the left was mine. I would love to go    back and visit. I can be reached at; 


                                                                               Edwin Moore - 12/12/08    3/11

 I was in Lima Troop from 1986 - 1988 in Bad Hersfeld. I was in the Mortar Platoon. I remember Graf aka Graffenwoehr, Hohenfels, Wildflecken, Baulmholder, O.P. Romeo and O.P. India, also running in the Fulda Marathon twice. Anyone contact me (270)784-0959 anytime. 


                                                                                 Thomas Mills  - 08/12/08

                         Served with 3/11TH  K-Troop from 1983 - 197. Looking for anyone during this time.             


                                                                                Mark  G Klunder06/11/08

 Does anyone know a man named "Gerald D. Inman"? He was born in 1960 in Dewar, Oklahoma. Between 1978 and 1981 he was stationed in Bad Hersfeld. Unfortunately I don't know in which company he was assigned to.....


                                                                                          Patrick - 25/11/08 3/11th Looking for father

 Hello, my name is Patrick, a 28-years-old guy living in Bad Hersfeld. My mum is a german woman and my dad was a GI stationed in Bad Hersfeld. Unfortunately I don't know him. In the last three years I´ve  tried everything to find information about my dad or to locate him. But without success. Even the TV couldn't help me. So I am very happy to find this page and I hope someone could give me information how I can get information about my dad. I even don't have a picture. Does anyone know a man named "Gerald D. Inman"? He was born in 1960 in Dewar, Oklahoma. Between 1978 and 1981 he was stationed in Bad Hersfeld. Unfortunately I don´t know in which company he was. But I know that he lived in the great building in front of the great place. It was the last building on the right side. Until now I have found many americans who were stationed there, too. But neither they are too old nor were in another company. Please help me @  patrick01031980@web



                                                                                        Dan LaRoche   - 21/11/08   3/14

Howdy, I was at Bad Hersfeld Aug. 66 to Jan. 67. I 1049'd to Viet Nam. I couldn't take the inspections and standing around in the motor pool checking the oil 20 times a day (hee hee).   I was in L Troop, Infantry section. I remember Sgt. Darling, good guy, SSG Plummer not such a good guy, friends, Dave Yoder, Ron Stagner, Fran Dougherty.  Dan LaRoche


                                                                               Ray Martinez   3/14th - 20/11/08

 Very interesting site.... sure brings back memories. My dad, SFC Ramon Martinez, was stationed at Bad Hersfeld from '48 til '54 on border patrol. Loved his stories about meeting with their Russian counterparts along the border and sharing American cigarettes and Russian vodka while roasting venison they had shot. I was born in Schenklengsfeld,  that should sound familiar to you Hersfeld vets. I have some old pictures of the Kaserne but would have to scan them before I can contribute them to this site.

Ray photos of your dad etc. during his time at Hersfeld are more than welcomed. Photos files that are JPEG - Dimension 800 X 600 - 370KB work best. A larger file is OK, I can always reduce the size. I will add what I have space for. You can send same to the following; Thanks TheDeitz


                                                                               Wayne Keirsey   19/11/08  3/14th

 This all brings back many memories. The border, driving a Jeep in the DMZ,  the house split into by the border, L Troop 1966 - 1968. 


                                                                               John Durning   - 17/11/08    3/14

Hello Troopers, Can anyone help me in finding from L Troop. 1968/69.. 1st sergeant, fox/SSGT Whitt/SSGT Strouthers/SSGT Scarbough. Thank you all, John Durning L Troop Scout 68/69 ... Email   


                                                                                  Rick Beecherl   - 26/10/08  3/14

 Hello fellow 14th Cav Troopers. I was in H Co. 2/14th ACR in Bad Kissingen from 1969-1971. Have been on a nostalgia kick about the days in the Army since I went to the 14th & 11th Reunion in 2005. Hope to try and go for the 2009, not sure yet. Still have a couple friends that I served with in BK. This is a really great site and have enjoyed browsing through the pictures. I was in the tank company, so those live night  fire photos brought back some memories. Once again, Great Site.  Suivez Moi     


                                                                                       Sandra Moore - 14/10/08

 Hi my name is Sandra Moore. I am the daughter of a Joe Jessie Moore who was stationed at Bad Hersfeld until I believe 1977. If anyone knew him please email me at I'm looking for pictures, memories, stories etc. I have some military pictures of him but we don't know where they were taken. My dear Father passed away recently on Sept 27, 2008. Thanks


                                                                                          James Lay    - 14/10/08

Was stationed 3/11 cav 1980 - 1982 loved it. We were the best tankers and proved it every time we went to the field. I was a 63 tango track mechanic lots of late nights working but would not trade the memories    for the world. Workhorse.. 


                                                                                             Leroy White   13/10/08

HI I would like to thank The Deitz family for this web site; I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld from 85-88 I was assigned to Killer troop 3/11 ACR 3rd plt SSG Sena's plt the CO was Cpt. Kogent.  I guess I spelled it right, anyway his plt played the theme music from apocalypse now. I loved my tour of duty in the CAV and my service on the Border and The United States Of America.  I retired from the Army: civilian Occupation Police    for veterans Affairs/Asst. Pastor. (YES) for those that once knew the old me back than God can change your life when you trust him.                ............ Re: "I would like to thank The Deitz family for this web site" we thank you, The Deitz


                                                                                                     Oliver 12/10/08  

Gaither it`s great to see how your site is growing and growing.. can`t wait for more pictures.  Sadly I must announce that my father SGT John J. Rowans past away back in May 2008. He served with the Army from 1977 till 1987. He was serving the Army in Bad Hersfeld at HQ Troop from 1979 until 1982  at Bad Hersfeld, Germany.                                                                                                                                                              12/10/08 The Deitz, Olive I want to let you know that I’m sadden about your father. I also want to thank you for your donation to this web page. FYI: Oliver Rowans lives in Bad Hersfeld


                                                                                               Sgt Ron 'Doc Spate  06/10/08

  HHT and medic for Lima Troop and Mike Company. I was the Motor Sgt for the medics. REFORGER no heater KONTACT Club Pocket Patch my buddies, SGT Ivan Bordeleon Sfc Gather. LTC Cherrie OP Romeo OP India. PT sick call The Trace. Many memories more good then bad. God Bless the troopers that did not make it home and all of us that did. WORKHORSE


                                                                                   DANIEL WAHLEN    - 02/10/08    3/14

My father was stationed there from 1967-1970. I went to elementary school there, later I went to a higher grade school in Fulda. Looking for anyone that was a Bad Hersfeld Bulldog football team member. We played all over Germany. I was the quarterback. Also played baseball and hung out at the AYA. What ever happened to coach Mcomb? 


                                         Deitz   27/09/08  Thanks to Jim C Small for his donation to our 3rd SQDN Memorial.

Jim is a former 14th ACR 1967 HQ Commo Trooper of Peoria, IL. And to John Hathcock a former 14th Cav Ret. MSG. Special Forces of N.C. for his donations and support. .... If you have not made a donated, it's not too late to be a part of this project, no minimum, no max amount.  Memorial Funds Raised $8,721.00 of $10,800 Needed.... Thanks to all for your donations! Thanks to Thomas Pozdol for his photos & donation to this web page. Tom is a former 14th ACR Trooper of River Grove, IL. Be sure to check out Tom's


                                                                                 Ronald Williams - 25/09/08

 I enjoyed the photos on your website. I actually visited Bad Hersfeld today and was quite surprised that things haven't changed that much. I grew up there from 84-87 my father was stationed there and now  I am in the army stationed in Europe. Chris Conn if you don't mind me asking how old are you since I was a kid as well during the time that you were there.


                                                                                     Mike Winsauer  - 15/09/08

 I served in L-Trp 3/11 ACR from Jan of 1987 - October of 1987. I was in 3rd platoon. Sgt. Whellan was my Bradley Commander. I want to say thanks to 1sg Ford for helping me train for the tryout for the Boeselager Team. I moved to Fulda after being accepted to the team and sort of lost touch with everyone in 3/11. My career took me several places in this world, but none that I am more fond of than Bad Hersfeld. I am a civilian now and think often of my time there and the people that I served with. I would like to here from Ernie Ford and Mark Wheelan. My e-mail is My phone is 501-516-0415. Scouts Out and Rangers Lead the Way. 


                                                                          Mark G Klunder- 11/09/08     3/14 & 3/11


Mark thanks for your post ... The Deitz - SUIVEZ MOI


                                                                                            Kathrin   07/09/08

If you know anyone who was stationed in Bad Hersfeld from 1978 to 1982, please have them contact me  I am looking for: William Frederick Adams, African American, 5'8" to 6'0" Probably born between 1954 and 1958. He was stationed in Bad Hersfeld, Germany - 1978 to 1982 with 11th K Troop. He is originally from Daytona Beach, Florida. His mother remarried and her last name is Harris. He had a stepbrother who was a Baptist Minister in the Daytona Beach area. That is pretty much all I know. I do have a picture of him which I need to scan in. Thank you so much for your help! I truly appreciate it! Kindly, Kathrin


                                                                              Rich Jiosne 05/09/08 L Troop 3/11 ACR -        


                                                                                       Mike Reedy  - 28/08/08

 I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld 1967 - 1969, B Battery 517 Artillery. Mc Pheeters Barracks. Had a great time. Drank a lot of (Bier) I plan on taking a trip from New York to Germany. 


                                                                                    Chris Conn   28/08/08

I was stationed with my father SGT Roderick Conn from 85-89. It is nice to see pictures and read stories of the time spent in BH. If anyone remembers my father please write we would love to hear how things are. I was only a young boy but I still have my Black and yellow BH rec center jacket. A time and a place I would love to revisit. 


                                                                                             Jola  23/08/08

                           Greetings, I live in Bad Hersfeld and I was Happy when the Army was here in 1992! 

Thanks, wish we were still there. Several will be returning in 2009 for a reunion in Fulda and Bad Hersfeld. The Deitz 23/8/2008. 


                                                                       Trooper Luis Rodriguez RIP of the 3/14th

Deitz  25/07/08 ... Trooper Luis Rodriguez of the 14th ACR 1966 passed away Wednesday, November 14, 2007 in Houston, Texas at the age of 61. His daughter Melissa has requested help in finding photos of her father during his time in Bad Hersfeld. If you have any photos of him, we would appreciate copies of same. The only photo we have at this time is from Trooper John Mcosker.&nbsp;


                                                                                             John McOsker  -  19/08/08

 This message is to Melissa, daughter of Luis Rodriguez. I was stationed with your father in Bad Hersfeld. I just read the posting in the guest book and I am sorry to hear that he passed away. We had very good times together. He was a lot of fun to be with and he could make us all laugh. I have a picture of your father with me and trooper Gray. The picture is on the Deitz web site, but if you dont have a hard copy I will send you one.   Take care, John


                                                                                 Danny Hinkle - 15/08/08 1/11th                                                                                                                    

                          Germany with the 1/11th Cav. A Troop during 1973 & 1974 would like to hear from you.


                                                                                John Coombs -  06/08/08

Hi, I was station at McPheeters Barracks from 1961 to 1963, I was assigned as a scout in Capt. Crisp unit and then went to Hq Co as Lt. Krawciw driver, he was the finest Officer I ever served under while in the military. 


                                                                                    John Hathcock   30/01/08:     3/14

 I challenge all 3rd Sqdn Troopers to support the memorial, that has been set up to be placed at Bad Hersfeld. This is for all 14th and 11th troopers who served there. I have raised 350.00 so far.   This will cost about 10 thousand dollars. If you are able please contribute. What better reason than to return to the best duty station we all had in the Army to lay a memorial for us. 


                                                                      Mary C. Weathers <>  Bob Goodwin - 19/03/08

 Hi Ken Gulledge: I am one of Bob Goodwin's kids you were talking about!! He is living in CO; I am in GA. I miss good ole BAD HERSFELD.  I was only about 10 when we moved there. We were there four became home. 


                                                                          James Glenn Cockrell   - 16/03/08   3/14

Hello, I was stationed at Bad Hersfeld the year of 1967. I was in a Hawk Missile unit, B Battery, 6th Batt. 517th Artillery. We were on the 3rd and 4th floor of a Kaserne.  It is great to see your pictures and to remember the good times I had there. I 1049ed to Vietnam in 68 and 69. I have pictures of Bad Hersfeld and the area.  


                                                                               Reiner Methe - 14/03/08

 Hallo Leute, ich bin der webmaster der web page und auf der Suche nach Zeitzeugen von 1945 - 1990. In Luederbach gab es den OP India, meine Frau Sabine hat dort von 1986-1990 also Food Service Worker gearbeitet. Ebenfalls ihre Mutter Ursula Gonnermann. Die Einheit war: 3rd SQDN OP India. Ich suche nach: Ricki Hicks, Oskar Mozan, Sgt. Larry Keith Lawhon und Ernest Coleman. Wer kann mir helfen? Viele Grüße aus Deutschland von Reiner Methe Guys the following is my translation, please correct me via email if you discover any errors, TheDeitz <-> Hi Folks, I am the webmaster of the homepage I am searching for witnesses from 1945 - 1990. In Luederbach there was the OP India, my wife Sabine was there from 1986 - 1990 as a food service worker. Also her mother Ursula Gonnermann. The unit was: 3rd SQDN OP India. I am looking for: Ricki Hicks, Oskar Mozan, Sgt Larry Keith Lawhon and Ernest Coleman. Who can help me? Many greetings from Germany by Reiner Methe


                                                                             Brian Olson - 11/03/08

 I was in the 14th & the 11th. August 71 Jan 73. I was squadron maintenance clerk. General Bell was my 1st Sq. Maintance officer. Sgt William Stone and CW2 Smith Blackwell J r ran it. I would like to hear from anyone who was there. It was great seeing all the pictures. I was on the 3rd floor of HQ Bld with that great view. 


                                                                         Christophet G Conn - 08/03/08

 If anyone remembers a SSGT Roderick Conn, could you write back HE was stationed from 84-89. I was stationed with my father from 1984-1989 in Bad Hersfeld. I've missed life back then it was good to see pictures. My father is now retired but we still talk about the wonderful times we had. 

                                                                        Paul McCammon   - 05/03/08 - 3/14

 I was in Hq Troop Commo from May 1960 until Feb '62. I was a draftee and got the extension because the E. Germans built the wall during that time. Needless to say, I was an unhappy camper. Looking back, it wasn't so bad. I got the drive the commo officer's (Lt. Tipton) jeep. He was absolutely the best officer I ever served under. In my "spare time" I got to work the border ops radio. That  was back in the Morse Code days. I've located several guys I served with and have written an 85 page story about my army days. I love this website. (Formerly SP4) Paul


                                                                          William C. Mazzia - 05/03/08

  Lima Troop 3/11 ACR 1978-1980. I was on tank with SSG Snyder. Looking for old buddies. Please email me @ 


                                                                              Aaron Culpepper   05/03/08

                                                3/11th November 1983 - November 1985.  I can say it was the best time of my life. 


                                                                                  Alex Villegas  06/02/08

                                     K Troop Mortar Platoon - Jan 1987 - April 1988. SGT. Saurbrey was my Platoon SGT. 


                                                                                Ken Gulledge - 22/02/08

 Hey Guys, I was stationed at Bad Hersfeld 72-75. I was a medic with How Battery, worked in Medical Records at the Dispensary, and was a Gamma Goat ambulance driver with Sgt Luther at HHT. Also was Col. Phil’s driver for a while. Hey Bob Goodwin, I remember you had 8 kids and ran your house like a platoon. You used to come into My room I shared with Curt Collins, Ernie Graham, and Glenn Hubbard and drink coffee in the mornings. Hey George Gray. My good buddy I still talk to on the phone and computer. I still have dreams about Hersfeld sometimes when it’s cold at night. Army  changed my life, it was the best thing I could have done. Take care Guys, Allons


                                                                         Jochen Nass - Son of Manfred Nass   21/02/08

Hi everyone! Great site, Have shown some of the pictures to my Dad (Manfred Nass) today who worked as a civilian worker and bus driver at the Motor Pool from 1977 until they closed it in ninety something. He was really excited to see the pictures, especially the OP Romeo one. Thanks a lot for all the wonderful pictures of my old home town. 


                                                                                                 Edwin Moore  3/11th                  

 21/02/08: I would like to contact anyone that served in L Troop from 1986 - 1988, especially any mortar men. 

Message for you from Reiner Methe in Germany, RSVP, It is best to leave your email address if you want someone to contact you. 

                                                                                            Frederick Werve - 20/02/08

 My father was the commander of the 14th in Hersfeld. He was killed in an airplane crash while returning from Fulda on Aug. 12, 1953. Does anyone know if the airfield is still named "Werve-Thompson Airfield?" I was 11 at the time but sill have memories of the Post. Thanks, 

Fred, send me your email address, I have some information 4 U from Thomas in Hersfeld. It's too much to post here. Gaither

                                                                                        Edwin Moore    - 19/02/08   3/11

I served in L  Troop from 19 86 - 1988 I remember OP Romeo and OP India very well. I really miss Germany, especially the WORKHORSE OF THE BLACKHORSE and I will never forget First Sergeant Ernie Ford A former Seal who made sure that we did PT everyday. 


                                                                                          H. Bosfield  

17/02/08: Mark Klunder, I remember You. I worked in Border Ops 3/11 ACR 1973-74, moved to V corps G2. How Are You? 


                                                                                      Amanda K. Dawson - 06/02/08

Hi, I'm the granddaughter of Wilbur Clark Dawson, a medic who was stationed with the 14th Cavalry in Bad Hersfeld sometime around '65. I was trying to find anyone who might have known him. If you remember him, please contact me at ashtara_silunar(at) 


                                                                                       Mike Reedy 31/01/08  

                      I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld form 67-69 Assigned to B Battery 6th Battalion 517 Artillery. 


                                                                                   John Hathcock   - 30/01/08 - 3/14

 I challenge all 3rd Sqdn Troopers to support the memorial, that has been set up to be placed at Bad Hersfeld. This is for all 14th and 11th troopers who served there. I have raised 350.00 so far.  This will cost about 10 thousand dollars. If you are able please contribute. What better reason than to return to the best duty station we all had in the Army to lay a memorial for us. 


                                                                                          Andre Leichtfuss - 29/01/08

That's a great page you put up there. I was born and raised in Bad Hersfeld and still visit my parents and friends at the weekends. When I was a kid I used to go to the barracks with my bike and stare with big eyes at the tanks and the American cars. It was great having the American troops here and it was very sad seeing them go. I hope you had a great time here in Bad Hersfeld and if you need any pictures or information about the city, just go ahead and ask. Yours, Andre


                                                                                  Bob Kleinkauf    - 26/01/08     3/14

Doing some searching and came across this site. Great site brings back a lot of old memories. I was in Bad Hersfeld Nov 1964 till Jun 1967. If anyone remembers me I would like to hear from you 


                                                                            Skip Dirk Westermann, Miltenberg, Germany  

Mr. Deitz, thank you for the chance to search for my father! I am searching for Lowell (Skip) Sayre, I Troop, Maint. 1965-1968 2nd Platoon in Bad Hersfeld. He was a Mechanic, served with Finnly Wiggins, Curtis Paeker, Strech Droeger, Fred (Tony) Anthony, and Dickie Hall!!! The Duke of Armstrong Sgt Worell, Sgt Connant, Ran Sgt Ruez, Pfc Shock. It would be great if somebody could give some e-mail addresses from those peoples. That I could ask them about my father. I hope somebody could give me some information’s about him. Where he is, where he was born, if he is still alive or not, I hope he is alive, because I have to take him in my arms once for all the time I had to miss him. Please all Army - Guys help me!!!! My e-mail address is I am happy for any information, even if it is just a little info, like how tall he was or where he came from which State, town, anything. I thank all people who give an info. Thanks, Skip Dirk Westermann, Miltenberg, Germany ............  FYI  We did it!  Skip has been reunited with his father here in the states


                                                                                  David St John  

12/01/08 Looking for anyone stationed at Bad Kissingen 1958 to 1960. Would like to obtain pics. 


                                                                                   Eddie Dorn  31/12/07

I was station with HHT 3/11 from l974-1978, had many of great times in Bad Hersfeld. I was the orderly room clerk and then S3 clerk.   If anybody wants to get in contact, email me at     Aleksandra, if your mother’s name is Heidi, contact me, 


                                                                                Aleksandra  01.01.08

Hi, no my mother’s name isn´t Heidi. I stay in touch with a few American soldiers so I search for the barrack here in Bad Hersfeld. I like the American culture and someday I will visit the United States of America. It´s a great country and I love the language, many greetings from Bad Hersfeld, Aleksandra


                                                                                  Mark A Waterston     - 30/12/07  - 3/11th

Hi guys I had a great time when I was in HHT from 1978 to 1981 Sqd Commo. ... I'm looking for Harvey Lee Smith my friend and running buddy at 3/11 HHT and anyone else stationed there during this time. Thanks loads WORKHORSE, 


                                                                                    John McOsker     08/12/07  3/14th

Gary Cavender, this is John McOsker my email is Dick Hall emailed me and told me about your posting. I worked in Sqdn maint with you, Hardeman, Frisco, Shock.  Armstrong the madman. Jackman (ouch), Fraiser. I was in the tool room for a good part of the time and worked with Gray. Do you know what ever happened to Gray. He was my best pal.  Did a lot of drinking at the em club with him. Take care, if you see this drop me a line. I am in a few of the pictures on the Deitz site. Who could forget Sgt.(Shakey) Burkett? 


                                                                                    George Gray 07/12/07

This is an awesome site, thanks! I was stationed with HHT 3/11th Bad Hersfeld from 72-74. This was the best time of my life and very proud of the Black Horse regiment. Mark Klunder and Bob Goodwin you better write me or NO ration cards this month (HA!)   Keep up the good work, Thanks again.

Hey George thanks for the Shout-Out, But I need those Rat Cards. 3/14 & 3/11 ACR 1971-1974 Bad Hersfeld, MARK G KLUNDER  

                                                                             Gary W. Cavender    03/12/07  3/14th

 Served with I Troop and Sqdn. Maint. 1965-1968. 2nd Platoon Scouts, Mechanic and Motor Sergeant with I Troop. Served with (Scouts); Bull Ramsey, Papason Raybon, 

SFC Joseph (The War Lord) Jackman, John Moyer, Steven Self, Little Scotty, Gardner, (Mechanics: Lowell (Skip) Sayre, Finnly Wiggins, Curtis Parker, Strech Droeger, Fred (Tony) Anthony, 

Dickie Hall,  The Duke of Armstrong, Sgt Worrell, Sgt Connant. Ran SSgt. Ruez and SFC Shock out of my motor to 1st Sgt Koonz with an axe handle at one time.

After getting busted for fighting in the NCO club I was sent to Sqdn. Maintenance where I worked for CWO3 Phillip Q. Frisco and Master Sgt Fraiser.  Married a beautiful German girl there in August 1967 and have been married for 40 years.  Returned to Bad Hersfeld 1973-1976. Was the M Company motor Sgt. under Ctp. Steve Katzman for about 12 months. Was then transferred to HOW Battery as the Motor Sgt.


                                                                                Dick Hall   - 06/12/07  3/14th

 Gary Cavender give me a holler @ Are you still in Idaho? I'm at FT. Lewis working for General Dynamics in the Stryker program. 

Jeanette (Cavender) Ruelke  My dad was stationed there April 1965 - April 1968 with the 14th; Mar 1973 - Jan 1976. That's my home. Great job on the web site, nice to see so many others have fond memories there too! 


                                                                                 John Binske  28/11/07

 Thanks Gaither, I hope one day to visit the Kaserne. The S4 shop was right behind the movie theater. I had a great time in B.H. It's an experience that I will never forget. Thanks, SSG Binske- OIF V


                                                                                       Steve Stewart  3/14th

I was in HOW BTRY from I April 1961 to March 1963. I returned in June 2006 for a visit. The Memories were strong and the Kasserne is an office park now. I saw the Memorial to us at Point Alpha. I will make a donation for the Hersfeld Memorial and would consider attending the dedication. Thanks for the great idea! By Steve Stewart


                                                                                 John Grimme  3/14th

My first duty assignment was with the 3/14 in Bad Hersfeld from 1958-1960. It has many memorable memories and where I met my future wife. I am honored to part of such a memorial.


                                                                                       Ron Miranda

Bad Hersfeld was my first active duty post and will forever be part of my life. I met my future wife and lifelong comrades there. The Blackhorse was the finest unit and had the best soldiers I ever met. GEN BB Bell commissioned me at Texas Tech Univ. in 1978 and pointed me towards the CAV as the place to be and he was right. I will be honored to assist with any effort to honor this important Post and the incredible soldiers that stood watch during the Cold War. By Ron Miranda LTC (RET), CAV


                                                                                      Ernie Ford

I spent a good portion of my military career in the 11th ACR in many positions of leadership in the NCOES system. There was never a better time, nor a better unit that one could serve in. I would be honored to assist in this endeavor and will do so. Let me know the 5 "W's"  Ernie Ford (Leadhorse 7)

                                                                  Glenn Allardyce LTC  3/14th

I served with the 3/14th ACR in Bad Hersfeld from July 1970 to August 1971, initially in M Troop and later in I Troop. I met and married my wife, Gabriele there in 1971. It was the best tour of duty in my 25 years of army service. Bad Hersfeld and the 3rd Squadron were special. I support your cause. By Glenn Allardyce LTC, Armor US Army Retired


                                                                           Larry Haworth, Chaplain 3/14th

 I did an ITT from 2/11 ACR in Vietnam to 3/14 ACR in Bad Hersfeld in July 1970. Was there for the re-designation to 3/11 ACR. I can testify that the troopers in Bad Hersfeld did a great service for freedom in this world as they did in Vietnam. It was tough duty, but no greater place to serve in the Army existed, so far as I am concerned.  Larry Haworth, Chaplain 1970-1973


I served with the 3/14 Cav, from July 1956 - Dec 1959 and also served with the 1/11 Cav from 1964-1966. After a 20 year career in the military, I always cited my time with the 3/14 as the best of times. I support your initiative in taking on this long overdue project. My wife and I went back in 2001 and was somewhat disappointed in the upkeep of the Kaserne, the housing area and the town. Will be making a contribution when you get ready.

                                                                                      Jess Hendricks                                                                                                                                          

 I served 3 1/2 years with the 3/14 Cav from 1949 - 1952, Platoon leader in H CO, XO of Tks Co, and Asst. S3, and CO I Co.


                                                                                 Paul   3/11th - 24/11/07

Gaither, Just want to thank you for your site. It brought back some great memories. 11th Cav MP - 1973. I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld as a MP in 1973. My wife is from Bad Hersfeld and I supported the 11th Cav for 17th years. Was the MP Station Commander for 4 years. I believe Walter Rossing was the MP Station Commander during your time. I have some photos from my commander briefing that I need to have digitized. Some are similar “Cafe Bollender” – later called the “Gartenlaube” was always a hot-spots tour item for New commanders. Am rather proud that I was the MP boss during LTC George K. Crocker's tenure as 3/11 commander. He determined that NO Gasthaus would be off-limits to his soldiers. That in meant all of them. He personally visited those owners who would not come to the Post as his invitation. It finally happened in 1985 - no Gasthaus in BH was off-limits. Quite an achievement.Thanks for the great photos! Really brought a smile to my face. Those were some tough times for the Army and the nation. Your site brought out only the best side of the GI and the Germans. That framework made it a real pleasure to view.   Thanks, Paul - 11th Cav MP 1973 - Retired Master Sergeant  <> Thanks for the info, GHD


                                                                                   Dick Aquino  - 24/11/07      3/14th

I was stationed in Bad Kissingen from Dec 1957 to March of 1959.. Truly a great honor to be one of past members of the 14th... I will always cherish those days... 

                                                                                     Dick Hall   -  20/11/07      3/14th

 Hi to all 14th A/C soldiers. I served from March 65 to March 68. I work at Ft. Lewis and the other day I saw an old tank sitting in front of the 14th CAV HQ's here on Ft Lewis. I stopped and went in to speak with the SQDN CSM and he informed me that the tank did come from one of the cav units in Germany when the wall came down. I believe it is "Old Bill" He said it could be and it sure looks like old Bill, but I couldn't find anything on it to help me out. Does anyone know?    Hi to Bill and Uschi Clark in Graf


                                                                                       Bill Brex    - 18/11/07       3/14th

I served with the 3rd Sqdn. 14 A/C 'M' Troop from 6/14/66 to 12/23/69. This site brings back a flood of memories; Sgt. Jackman, Sgt Porch, Sgt. Harrelson, Fitch, Malawok, Betchel Lou Bianco, Gary Simons, Ron Smith, Bo bo, Tevis, Thigpen, Galloway, Crouch, Sauwerman, Kukann, Tate, Sgt. Jerome Dailey, Sgt. Sargent, Wingkler, Al Brown, Larry Cruz, Fabian, McAlister, Strawhill and many more. -N/A 14- I hope  to hear from you all. ..... Here is thanks to The Deitz for an excellent site, Bill Brex


                                                                              John Hathcock  - 13/11/07      3/14th

A very special THANKS to all Vets. We can be proud of our service to this country we all love. Without our sacrifices we could not enjoy the freedoms we enjoy. I sometimes wonder if our politicians really understand what the American Soldier is all about when they call us murders,  losersand tortures,  especially on the floors of Congress it’s self.  <>


                                                          Sandra Martin aka Virginia Lee Degenhardt  07/11/07

Hello guys. I am an "occupation child" a child that was fathered during military occupation. It turned out really well for me. I ended up being adopted and becoming an "Army Brat". Whoever, which ever, one of you contributed to half my DNA just wanted to say "Good Job." I have had a really good life and enjoy my specialness. Love to all who have served this Veterans Day. 

<> I would like to know your DOB.  BTW I never dated etc while stationed in Hersfeld.  The Deitz


                                                                Margrit    - 25/10/07    3/14th Daughter of Phillip Trepanier

Looking for a photo of former Troopers "Phillip Trepanier" 'My father was a tanker with the Cav (Phillip Trepanier) he was stationed in Bad Hersfeld in 1967, 68, 69. We lived at the post housing. We do not have any pictures of Bad Hersfeld, that's why I contacted you. I have very fond memories of this place, but no pictures. I was hoping you might have some of the housing area and the field between the post and the housing area. I hope you do. All I have are my memories. I was only 6 & 7, but I remember it vividly. My dad passed away in 2005. Thank you for making this avail to me. You have a GREAT website. Margrit.


                                                                          Frank Marsiglio  3/14th - 20/10/07  

I was with HHC of the 54th Engineers from 1969-1970. I was a cook in the Mess Hall so I knew a few of the men in the 14th. I wish I could say it was great but it was pretty rough duty.   I had some good times but I was happy to leave. I came down on levy 4 Nam and I couldn't wait to leave I hated to leave my friends but that's the Army.


                                                                                     Michael Lombardi  20/10/07

 Wow! I've seen nothing like your site. I was @ the "ROCK", ayers Kaserne in kirch-goes with the 3d Armed Div. (75-7 spent my entire tour overseas. Trenton N.J. would still be here when got done so I used all my leave traveling western Europe. As soon as I was auth'd I got a room in an old shoe makers house who was an ex-British PWO. Paid my rent with 1/2 gal bottles of Jim Beam and frozen steaks. I had a custom made a light weight touring bike from the UK and a Eurorail pass plus a youth Hostile card and my us passport. This kid from N.J. grew by leaps and bounds. I worked in the com center and our mission also took us to the gap and Graf and numerous alerts into the surrounding mountains and forests. Your site woke up so many memories my experiences there in the 70's wasn’t that different from yours in the 60's keep the site alive and thanks 4 the memories and your service to FREEDOM. 


                                                                                 Norman  - 18/10/07    3/14th

Hi, my grandma`s dad was stationed in Bad Hersfeld. I`ve seen that you don`t know the name of the barracks, before 1945. The name was langemark kaserne. Greetings from Thuringia


                                                                               John Durning   - 17/10/07     3/14th

TO Mike Weber, I also remember that fantastic strawberry wine. You brought back some great memories, take care GOD BLESS. JOHN DURNING L TROOP 68-69


                                                                                  Mike Weber  - 15/10/07   3/14th

Great site!! Thanks for the memories. I was with B battery 6 Bn 517th ADA from '68 through '70. We were stationed at McPheeters in the first building to the right of the main gate as you came on post. We had the top two floors and the missile site up at "J" berg. Ah that strawberry wines....... truly a great time... 


                                                                           Andreas Wascher  08/10/07 -    3/111

Hi,  from 1985 to 1989 I served with the Bundeswehr 2./ Panzerartilleriebataillon 55 (armored artillery) in Homberg (Efze), Germany as a section chief of a M 109 self-propelled howitzer. We had a partnership-project to HWB 3/11 ACR in Bad Hersfeld, McPheeters Barracks. Does anyone know something about Jerry (Larry?) Benzien, Renato Matheson, David Fuhrmann or Lt. Chance?


                                                                               Bob Goodwin  11/09/07: 

                       Bad Hersfeld 1971 - 1975 - Medic assigned to HHC 3/11th, also worked in the dispensary. 


                                                                                Jim Trouy   - 10/09/07     3/11

Gaither, first off, this is a great web site. I was in Howitzer Battery from 92-94. I was literally one of the last soldiers on post. I and five other soldiers along with the Colonel took the flag down for the last time, and presented it to the Mayor of Bad Hersfeld. My short stay in Hersfeld is filled with lifetime memories. The 11th ACR was truly a first class Military Unit. One day I hope to return and take my family. I have a few photos I took, including the flag pole around 94\'. If I can locate them I would be happy to send them to you. Again great web site. Thanks for all your hard work keep our memories alive. Oh by the way, I helped clear the Bowling Alley, Mess Hall, and PX. The post was kind of sad with all the soldiers and life gone from it as everyone mass exited. I pulled guard on an empty post for many months. So the 11th ACR officially left at the end of 94\'. Please e-mail if you have any questions! thanks again.


                                                                   Michael Chapman   09/09/07   3/11

I was stationed at 118th Med Det in 1983-1985. I'm in search of a video of a basketball game between HHC and Community in which I made a last second 1/2 court shot to win a basketball game and everyone including some of my competitors, rushed the court. Recorded my SSG Gonzalez via SPC Massey.


                                                                                    Mark Raymond   - 26/08/07   3/11  

I arrived at the Bahnhof in Bad Hersfeld in October 1980 to find nobody was there from the 3/11 ACR to greet me. What a drag I walked around for 3 hours in 2 feet of snow in my dress greens. Man that  sucked! Finally a CJ 7 Jeep civilian one pulled over and to my surprise it was my XO'S wife. She gave me a ride to the front doors of L Troop and my journey began. Some of the best times of my life.  Including the 100 mile Nigmegan march. 


                                                                               Mhfred W. Cantrell  CSM  25/07/07



                                                                                    Mark Mitchell   23/07/07

 Please help me if you can! I am trying to locate a David Schwerin who served in Bad Hersfeld ca. 1960. I have a very good friend named Karen, and I am trying to locate Mr. Schwerin, who is her father. Karen simply wants him to know of her existence and to give him the chance to know her, if he so desires. Karen, who now lives in the US, must renew periodically her green card but would also like to be able to have US citizenship. Is there anyone out there who can help us locate David Scwerin, please?   Thank  and God bless you! 


                                                                                           Aleksandra 19/07/07

Hay, I was surfing through the www and find that interesting side about my town. I live here since 20 years. My mother told me that we had U.S. barracks here. I can’t remember this I'm too young...the side ist great.... many greeting... Aleksandra ----...


                                                                                   Mike Loretto  - 17/07/07:    

                                   3/11 Troop 1975 - 1978.  It was a growing experience. The border was the best. 


                                                                                            Wayne Smith    13/07/07

I arrived at Bad Hersfeld as a young green Lt. in Oct of 1970. My sponsoring officer was none other than B.B. Bell, current 4 star in charge in Korea.  I had 3rd plt K Troop, then 3rd plt I Troop, before becoming the mess officer and was also in charge of all three clubs.  It was so nice to see B.B. and Katie at the reunion in 2005. Also Rich Eagan & Steve Lungstrom were there from my time. 


                                                                                 Terry L. Siegler    13/07/07    3/11

Stationed with both M (Tank) company and I trp, from 82-85. I was the motor sergeant when I troop transitioned from M60A3 to the new M1, and then from the M901 to the M2/M3 BFV. It was a quick  three years on the border. Give me a shout at I'm bad a checking my E-mail, so give me time to answer. Working at Ft. Lewis now on the Stryker vehicles. Terry: 


                                                                            Duncan S. Hodges 05/07/07

                     Stationed in Bad Hersfeld from 1971 - 1973.  I was in K Troop all the way through. 


                                                                                                Deitz   30/06/07

After 40 years! I get an email from one of the 14th Cav Commo guys: "Gaither, you were always a picture taker and I am enjoying looking at them now. You have a great site; it sure brings back the memories. I wonder so often what happened to some of the guys.  Do you remember Andy Gammon? Gary L Strunk" = Phone call followed


                                                                        David Clarke   - 29/06/07    3/11

Thank you for helping me relive my time at McPheeters Barracks. I was in 1st Plt K-Troop from 1976-1979.The pics are nice. I even spotted my room (top floor extreme right) in the old HHT Building by the front gate. K-Troop swapped buildings with HHT. 


                                                                           Ken Thurman    11/06/07

                                What Great memories, stationed there from 1990 - 1993  MP 3/11th


                                                                              Roger Stanton  3/14th  - 30/05/07

I Troop, Hq Pl,  1969 - 1970, S/Sgt Connet (sp) was head NCO of the Pl.. Just to name a few more; Cummings (T.R.), Terry, Campbell, Pierce, Siemienkowicz, Bell, Papp and many more. Wowhas this site jarred the old memory.  Would really like to hear from some of the guys. Tks


                                                               Jerry McCaskill via wife  Audrey  - 27/05/07    3/14

Hi, My husband was Jerry McCaskill; he was the troop clerk for Sgt Jackman 1966-1968. Jerry died of colon cancer in 1989. Bad Hersfeld days were to best. We lived off the post down the steps on Kettlerstrassa; I am trying to find some of my land lord's family. There name was Schella. I have not been successful. I would love to hear from any of ya'll that knew Jerry.

Audrey: I lived in Ketteler Strasse for about 8 months and just moved to another place. One of my neighbors’ was Mrs. Schalla - if this is the person you wrote about, don't hesitate to contact me: 


                                                                                  Jerry Hall  25/05/073

Great site. I was with the 517th Artillery group and attached to your company. As you come in the gate we were, I believe, in the 3rd floor and part of the fourth floor of the building to the right near the street. You guys made a lot of noise leaving. Enjoyed the photos and the site. Would like to someday go back and visit. Would like to find others from the 517th.  


                                                                    John Durning   - 22/05/07   3/14



                                                                          John McOsker   - 10/05/07   3/14

 Hi Chirs, I was in Sqdn Maintince form 65 to 67. I think I remember you. My room was to the right of the orderly room toward the end of the hall. I was friends with Hall, Gray, Faulx, Beaver,   orges, Hardemen, and a lot of others. Sgt Jackman restricted me to post for missing bed check for 2 weeks.  Sgt Burkette (Shakey) was our boss in the motor pool along with W.O. Kirkland. 

I have been in touch with Dick Hall and we have been talking about old times in Hersfeld and the troopers we served with. I was the guy who played the guitar and harmonica at the same time and listened to a lot of Bob Dylan and other folk singers. What a great time we all had. If you remember me please write back. Please jog my memory. , My email is 


                                                                       Dave Robinson Col Ret.  3/14th

This is a GREAT site! Thanks for the super work which brings back a load of memories. I was in Bad Hersfeld from Jan 1967 - Dec 1968; returned in 1974 - 1977.  Great NCOs and Troopers, lessons learned are applied daily.                                                                                               Best regards to all troopers, David M. Robinson II COL RET


                                                                     Dickie L Hall    - 30/04/07   3/14

 I was in Bad Hersfeld from 65-68 I started out in HQ Trp and reenlisted for I Trp. I was in the motor pool. Skip Sayre, Tony, Chris, Fat Jack Earl Hardeman Jr. John J Borges, Schefele, Richard Gray,  Chief Kirkland, MSG Burkette and a ton of other people. I go back from time to time to visit my in-laws but it is just not the same .I stayed in the army for almost 30 years because of the 14th Cav. I loved it. 


                                                                      Jay Graham     - 22/04/07    3/11

I very much enjoyed your site. I have a lot of great memories from 75-78 I troop 11 ACR. It was interesting to see all the sites once again because I know I may never have the chance to see it once again. I am sad to see that our presence is not that important considering all the time and effort we put in. I had a lot of guys who died over there and now it’s not even know about. Thanks for the site I really loved it.  


                                                             < * > LarryThompson - 18/04/07    3/11

Gaither, Many thanks for all your work. It was you that introduced me to the 14th site, much appreciated. I've renewed many old acquaintances. I arrived in Hersfeld in 12.60, and left 06.63.I was in "L" and then shipped to "HQ" troop, where I was the driver for Capt. James Randall, probably the only black officer there. A true great guy, he always gave me money when we were going out into the field, had me stock up on food, so we didn't have to find the mess truck..! 


                                                                              Greg Menego 17/04/07

What a fantastic experience it is to look through this site of the "reich ruins. I am from South Africa and cannot wait for September to visit Germany, to see some WWII remains and experience the feel of knowing where you stand. Going to be fantastic. Greg 


                                                                             Don Nydam   - 04/04/07   3/14

Coming from Korea, I was in the 14th Cav from June of 1968 until Jan of 1969. I spent most of that time running the gym on post. It was at lot of hours but worth the effort. There were a lot of difficult race relationships  at that time and the post commander, Col De Ciro, told me to get athletic programs going to improve things ASAP. I hope I did some good. I spoke some German and hoped to get to know some Germans but found it rather difficult. There was some good trout fishing just off post that I got to from time to time. 


                                                                              Ed Montgomery 01/04/07:

                                           K troop when the 14th changed to the 11th in 1972. Great site brings back memories. 


                                                                                    Joe Coyle    - 30/03/07    3/14

I was in L Troop, 1st Platoon Tank Section from April 1965 to November 1966. I served with Sgt. Garrett, Sgt. Parker, Joe Powell, 'RA' Smith, Paul Trudeau, Bobby Flanagan, Frank Hickman, McCarthy, Downs, Hubertus, Frank Rael, SP5 Orr, on and on, great guys all. Hersfeld and the 14th Cav are some of the best times I can remember. The memorial is a great idea. Count me in whenever you get up  to steam. Keep  the memories of the Cav alive, Gaither. Although we were there at the same time, I never got to meet you. Keep up the good work. Suivez Moi! 


                                                                                       Leslie Smith 20/03/07

Great Site brings back many good memories, spent 3 yrs. 3mo with M Company. Back to the States for 18 mo and returned to Fulda. 


                                                                                       Richard Revell   - 18/03/07  3/14

This is a great site, I was in the 317th and 54th Engineers 1961 - 1964 I loved all the time I had in Hersfeld. I went back in 1999 for three weeks and had a great time. I found 175 guys from our company 1957 - 1965 and have a reunion every two years, this year in Colorado. If Bob Wallace reads this E-mail me. Regards: Dick Revell

Dick Revell, I have read your message on this board but do not have your email address to contact you. Bob Wallace


                                                                                   J. Coombs  - 15/03/07    3/14

Great site, was stationed at McPheeters barracks 1961 to 1963, L Trp and Hq Co, I have a lot of fond memories and photos of my time there. 


                                                                                          Hans A. Bieber 07/03/07

I was born and raised in Germany. I was born in Niederaula a small town southwest of Bad Hersfeld and in 1936 we moved to Bad Hersfeld. My Dad became the supervisor of the boiler room in the Kaserne.  We lived there until the US Army took over in 1945. Later I worked in the Kaserne for the Constabulary and the 14th Armored Cavalry. I worked in the Motor Pool and after a RIF I was a kitchen helper. Then a clerk in the Civilian Personnel Office in Hersfeld and Kassel and the back to Bad Hersfeld as interpreter for the 709th MP Battl. Frankfurt, Hersfeld Detachment. I now live in Denver, CO since 1955. I love your website and the pictures, Hans A. Bieber


                                                                                               Roger Smith    - 05/03/07  3/14

Served with I & L Troop 1st Plt Tanks from 1959 - 1961 ... Still see a few of the guys from time to time... Good luck with your memorial project, I will try to help

                                                                                                   Neil L. Millar  04/03/07

 Thanks for the memories,  2nd Plt. Tank Sec. I-20 - I Troop, 3/14th Dec. 1960 - June 1963 when the Cold War got a little hot! 


                                                                                                  Al Caldwell  - 04/03/07

With I and L Toop 1958 - 1960, cannot believe the changes made in 6 years. Brought back a whole lot of great memories. Thanks a lot. 


                                                                                              John McOsker   - 25/02/07  3/14

I was with the 14th, 3rd. Sqdn. from 64 to 67. Bad hersfeld was a great place and the 14th is the best. I worked in the motor pool. Sgt. Jackman was could be a terror but he was very fair. Anyone remember Sgt Burkette. He was in charge of the motor pool and later he made sgt major and was reassigned. His nickname was Shakey. Good times at the EM club and the town was also a lot of fun. Some of the guys I was  with were: Beaver, Faulx, Gray, Borges, Hardeman, Engelkey, Peternell, Rogers, Dyer, and Sestawicki. A great website and the pictures really bring back a lot of memories. Guard duty, 2 on and 4 off,  flip tops and charry vodka, really a great time of life


                                                                                       Robert Wallace    - 24/02/07  3/14

This is a great site. I was stationed there Jan 1970 till 4th of July 1971 with the 54th Engineers. I lived in a little town 14 kilos from the kaserne, Gosmansrode, in Uncle Heins Reinhardts house, he was retired from the Bundesfeir. What great people as were almost every one of the locals in that area. Pop's Bratwurst stand in Hersfeld was the place to get feed, borrow money or bum a cigarette. Thanks Pop, you made us feel at home. Pat Sajack (Wheel of Fortune) was also stationed there in 1971. We built a little in house radio station in the service club there and played music and deejayed from time to time. It was truly a great experience and I would like to thank you for help to bring back some memories on this wonderful site. Bob Wallace (Governor George) 


                                                                                                   Irene    21/02/07

I was born and raised in Bad Hersfeld. I met my husband in 1969 at Rheingold's Bar. He was stationed with B-Battery. We moved to Minnesota in 1971, got married and we still live here. We go back every 2 years to visit the relatives. We are going back this September       for 4 weeks.  I love your site. Irene

                                                                                                     Andrea   21/02/07

I wasn't in the army but I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld (so to speak) I was born here and still have family there. My Oma, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends. My stepfather was stationed there and that's how he met my mother. Great site. I love Germany and miss it. Andrea


                                                                                                     Bob Ford    08/02/07

I was stationed in Bad Hersfeld in 1964-1965. I trained in Fort Gordon as an adv infantryman, when 6 of us arrived there, an armored Cavalry unit, they wondered who messed up paperwork. They made us each   a jeep driver, I drove for the communication Sgt. Drafted, I only had to stay there about a year before I rotated home. I met a lot of wonderful draftees that were also there, and i wish I could locate them now. 


                                                                                                           Greg Klaus   04/02/07

                                        Great site. I was SP/5 Regimental S3 in Fulda from 1967 - 1970 ...Cheers. GK


                                                                            Kevin McSweeney   -04/02/07 <> 3/11

Brought back a lot of memories. I was stationed there from 1983 - 1985. M Co., then SBOC, then I Troop. Then they assigned me to RS-3 shop in Fulda. Ended up staying another 3 years at V-Corps in Frankfurt. Loved it there. Had two of my sons born there, one in Hersfeld. One thing that I found interesting about the photos was this; Your photos are from either the mid sixties or the middle of this decade. Well, the Hersfeld I remember mostly resembled the mid sixties. So, there must have been a lot of changes since the mid eighties. My nieces advised that everything changed since the wall came down, like you would expect, but! Take care, God bless. Here is a shout out to the entire Workhorse of 3/11 ACR. You know who you are. I love you guys.